Gay Mental Illness Used for Evil


[Disclaimer: I hold the view shared by many homosexuals that homosexuality is a developmental disorder. I don’t believe it is a “mental illness” except in more extreme instances. However the letter below is revealing and I suspect its thesis is accurate. ]

By Dr. F

Regarding your article on the Gay Suicide Scams, this organized media thrust is dedicated to explaining / deflecting the cause of the mental illness that is VERY apparent in homosexuals.

The media is essentially saying homosexuality is very prevalent (wrong) and of natural origins (wrong) and that these normal, albeit different, individuals are being abused by discrimination (true) to the extent it is causing mental break-downs leading to suicide.

Well, let’s look at some facts that Kinsey intentionally ignored: At least 80% of homosexuals are abused (often sexually) as children, or are at least products of single-mother parenting where they are preyed upon in a variety of ways.

The perpetrators are almost always tied to Rings that involved the local Elite, who are tried and true Satanic pedophiles. They live to defile and torture children, as they are energy vampires and sadistic.

The innocent children are victims to the extent of sexual identity pathology, which IS THE MENTAL ILLNESS. This legitimate and well documented illness is not addressed because it would expose the epidemic (and now multi-generational) of pedophilia perpetrated by the Elite.

But, it gets worse. It is known that the vast majority of sexually abused people become child abusers, often while in an “alter” persona that was created when their minds were horrifically shattered as children.

Although mentally sick victims, they become part of the perpetuating problem. This cycle leading to societal destruction has been understood for THOUSANDS of years. The process of breaking people as children (through extreme torture and abuse) to use them as various “tools” against society was well known in Egyptian times and is now perfected as a science.

In fact, the worse the pain and torture, the better for the Perp, as the child’s mind fractures and suppresses memory of the abuse. In the end, the Elite get their energy and their sick kicks, while undermining and destroying the very fabric of society that is needed to counter their evil.

Brilliant, but a diabolical plan. Many of the mentally sick homosexuals who survive their childhoods and teens are placed in positions of power as adults, so they can be exploited by the Elite to further steer society towards doom, while the rest of us are crippled by “tolerance” and “politically correct” campaigns ad nauseum.

But, we should have empathy and sympathy for homosexuals and understand their pre-existing mental illness, which develops into a “collection of behaviors” that has negative effects on the mentally stable and untouched.


Preventing these people from being placed into positions of power (without intensive non-drug based therapy) is crucial. “Outing” is a necessary tool for our collective survival.

“Prejudice”, as originally defined, is warranted, but violence and hatred is counter-productive. These people are victims, but are potentially very destructive. They need help and restrained guidance.

Unfortunately they are often at the helms of the Cultural Machinery, such as Hollywood, the Music Industry, advertising, modern art, print media, etc.

Their infection can spread to us via these pathways. We must break the Cycle of Abuse and identify the Criminal Elite by names and addresses, not just as Illuminati or Central Bankers. The term “Jew” is nearly useless; let’s just use “Evil”. It’s more accurate.

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  1. reality says:

    explain the gay penguins at the Central Park Zoo

    • Babe Rainbow says:

      A `very` good question. It seems this is a question no Homosexual `critic` can answer. They make all sorts of assumptions to try and explain why gay people are gay, and yet none of this stuff is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. One family can have no gays, another might have two or three gay people. Some might have been abused, some not but still be gay. There seems to be NO `common denominator`, and those that say so have no real proof. It is just conjecture. There are all sorts of discussions to be had, but no `conclusive` answers.
      Gay is not a decision someone makes, and it is certainly not a reason to treat someone differently to anyone else.
      Being attracted to the same sex, is as natural to gays as being attracted to the opposite sex if you happen to be straight people.
      It is no ones fault that they are gay, anymore than the straight person can blame himself for being straight.
      We should `stop` knocking gayness pointing the finger etc., making gays feel bad.
      For whilst we are pointing the finger at them, saying they are wrong, evil, un-Christian or whatever, three of our fingers are pointing back at us. Are we all perfect? No, we are not, and seeing human gays as `imperfect`, wrong etc. divides and conquers. The `gay penguins in the Central Park Zoo`, might be explained by many in the same way they explain, people in prison who turn to same sex partners. But how can we explain, animals in the wild being gay? We cannot…..because as I said, there is no conclusive evidence as to why. Maybe we will never know! Thanks for your good comments.

    • Truth23 says:

      Already explained, the two male penguins never were gay and there names are Roy and Silo.. Silo is mated with a female and Roy is alone waiting for his female mate.

  2. Robert Yourell says:

    If this Dr. F had to show where he got his opinions from, he’d be up the creek without a paddle. This stuff is just over the top. I’m guessing his degree cost about five bucks.

    “It is known” because he says so “that the vast majority of sexually abused people become child abusers,” most of them are OK, depending on whether there was psychological trauma, how early it happened, how intense it was, “often while in an ‘alter’ persona that was created when their minds were horrifically shattered” I have seen people with alters, and as far as we know, it takes a lot of ongoing trauma early on to produce this problem known as dissociative identity disorder.

    It’s just amazing how this author stirs a lot of things together to come up with a rationale for bigotry. He has a pic of Hitler. Hitler went after gays, brutally. This author would make a fine Nazi.

  3. …. but it remains being a delicate issue dictated by nature, biology, hormonal circuits, trauma managment and therafter a mental capability or non capability to handle it from both sides of the fence. By general human being is a bi-sexual born creature still or often ignored because of biological impulses to grow and prosper which we perceive as “NORMAL”. It is right that we got a bi sexual base and enough of it we understand the nature of our oposite sex but this is not a natural biological invitation to confuse hormonal impulses. Still anybody can consider homosexuality a sick behaviour of sick people, the question is just how do we handle this beyond the question of sex and biological protection of our race. Another question is about ambiental influences of the growing numbers on the homosex front. Old greece and roman empires seems to be back as higtimes of homosexuality and this leads into cyclic observation of ambiental influences. Anyway its a shame we are still not able to handle this matter, I just wish they find their own planet and than we throw away the key. Best thing to do because after its hightime homosexual slaughtering is going to be back and nobody to blame about it. If I would be gay I would wish to live on a gay planet, as non gay I wish they would not interfer into our existence either specially not wining to be equal. A coexistance between man, woman and gay creatures may be possible within 5000 years of evolution and this, off course, is subject to evolution on all three sides. Unfortunately the main number of homosexual beings is of arab origin, in the west its of catolic or jewish origin mainly and there where false religious powerplay surpressed all other natural aspects of human existance in the book of rules “obey or you got f…d”
    The blinding wheel of consumption and killing industrial food got another big part of influences on our hormonal health and those glands involved in our sexual life (brain and suprarenal) are seriously damaged by both, chemical poison and viral afection invited by non balanced PH ambience. Homosexuality, non fertility, impotence at early stage can be originated here as well if not a psyco-trauma problem on the bi-sexual base or other ambiental influences of cyclic behaviour. Showing these three main streams I just invite everybody to be more cautious with words and to think first before gays killing normal societies or normal people killing gay societies! Higher influences on cyclic self reduction of the human race can be biomagnetic influences or radiation but everybody at least shall admitt that all gay folks is a natural reduction of human race presence and is reaching already figures of 25% of the world population. If they grow we end up dead or create gay babies in labratories. Chose. While than as normal hetero I declare personal war against the causes of homosexuality but will not spend time on hate or killing. They are already dead without they know (biological) and thatswhy they got to produce so much circus begging for attention and a hug while love got nothing to do with sex, cant be limited nor misused. If we really love we love all and our globe and got to remove all influences harming our estate. Homosexuals included as much as false polititians, power players, rat financiers and the misrable speculative attitude of posession.

    • Babe Rainbow says:

      I would rather be with a million gays on a planet than spend one milli-second with a total
      judgemental arrogant twat like you. Are you judge and jury now? Or are you just running scared, that your fight with your own, attractions to people of the same sex will soon be out in the open. And then you will suffer the same hatred and segregations that gay people do. Or lets just put you alone on a planet away from all tolerant people.
      God is the judge not you….he won`t want you anyway, because you have usurped him in your demonization of people who are different.
      When will we see your comments about `ethnic` people….gypsies, Jehovahs Witnesses and Polish people???
      Hitler hated gay people…..and killed many of them…do you remember Hitler?

    • coolwarmer says:

      I am totally agree with you, this is topic i would love to explore the awnser, you have explained well, yes i do know that there are so many homo sexual in Arab countries, south east asia etc, and the reason is religions, but religion is not the reason actually, reason is their illicit desires which they are unable to control, i am agree we are naturally bi-sexual, coz in homosexuals the only final sex is anal, and we see that there are heterosexual couples who like to have anal sex as well, so where is the difference??? both are wrong, this is the point where every religion order us to control our desires which are inapropriate for us in first place, not only bi-sexuals, heterosexuals or homosexuals, but in every expect of life limitation is importent.

      Dont eat so much, or you get sick, dont work too much or will be tired, well see in common life every thing has to have a limit, as long as religions are concern, off course they pressure us to stay in limits.

      you are right, as long as our existence is concern in a natural and normal way, we have to follow the nature, or we will be venished by our own acts and doings, like you siad that Gays ppl are dead without knowing (biologicaly), what really matters that gay ppl wants us to accept them openly, ok i am agree with them, but my question is that what we gonna do with the inspiration and seduction they will produce for my son in socity, i dont want to see my son as gay?? who wants to protect this for us?? the different types of disease, caused by these gay or bi -sexual persons in our socity due to may be their carelesness could happen, how to prevent this???

  4. GJS says:

    Little wonder so many people ridicule people who are truly trying to warn others of conspiracies that have happened or that are in the process of happening, printing crap like this will only give them more ammo to use.
    While there are a couple of truths in this regarding people who are abused that some go on to abuse others, this applies NO-MATTER what your sexual orienttation is.
    I fear that a couple of half truths have been put into this to TRY to give it some credability but basically this is just a direct attack on homosexuals in a very angry & hatred way.
    During a long relationship I had with a woman who was a Uni student I met an incredible amount of gay people, far more so than I had ever thought possible in the general population, the distribution covered ANY creed, colour, shape,age one could imagine but the one thing that shone out was there were as many different personas amongst homosexuals as there are with the hetro community. I must admit that before I started dating Deb I hadn’t had much exposure to gays however as I got to know many more the more it proved they are like everyone else.
    So before you make a judgement about gay people, I would hope that you will find out for yourself & not let crappy articles like the one above sway you.
    I’m not saying they’re all angels, who is ? but surely they should have the right to be able to persue a happy life without being labled & harrassed by others who are mostly ignorant anyway.
    I wish you all the very best

  5. Ed Ward MD says:

    Not a drop of medical fact in here with unreferenced BS facts. Just another “religious” attack on ‘heathens’. Because us straight peeps are the ‘chosen’…. yeah, that’s gode alright.

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