Gears of War 3 Xbox One – Around the World Checkout! (Multiplayer Gameplay)


Gears of War 3 Xbox One Multiplayer Gameplay – CHECKOUT! 😀 ○Gears of War 3 Xbox One Gameplay Old Town: ○Gears of War 4 …


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  1. Ivan Nava says:

    You're not the only one useless with a sniper :(

  2. Murthaza H says:

    Enjoying the video, even earlier than usual!

  3. starspawn says:

    Another quick one….⏱?

  4. Shadowz u should play guardian in gears 3

  5. Fastest game ever lol

  6. Sukhanta says:

    If you ever fancy playing a 30+ minute Gears 3 game, you and a friend should try capture the leader. It can lead to some interesting plays and tactics.

  7. Rawhi Al-Far says:

    What is this weapon skin shadows is using????

  8. TheBactor says:

    The gears 4 beta drops the moday after my state finals so Ive been ready for the gears 4 hype.

  9. did you record the last 3 maps the same day? still waiting for gridlock

  10. Alex Ruiz says:

    stop acting like you dont know how gears 4 plays… youre insulting my intelligence lol

  11. Wxrrior Vx says:

    Not super speed, Gears UE is too slow lol

  12. with your sniping you need to put your reticle higher, your shots line up but theyre too low

  13. Bayerson says:

    Really hope that Gears Multiplayer stays like 3 as I love the fast pace it offers but atm it feels like a more horror/action campaign which I feel will offer a fresh feel for the franchise! CANT WAIT!!!!!

  14. I'm trying to play Gears 3 but it's impossible to have a good match any more. Either people spamming Retros or some other stupid stuff :/

  15. Brief Keef says:

    oh you know how gears if war 4 plays you just cant say anything we know you've played it

  16. RED Scout says:

    You wanna know who the best gears of war 3 sniper that I ever met is? SHADOWBOT X155 I saw one of his comps (He took it down) It was awesome he was on xbox live he dose not have a you tube(Shame what a waste) He dose have a twitter tho @SHADOWBOX155 …

  17. the 18th creeps ever closer 😉 who's going to join on the day ?

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