Gears of War 3 Xbox One – Around the World Thrashball! (Multiplayer Gameplay)


Gears of War 3 Xbox One Multiplayer Gameplay – THRASHBALL! 😀 ○Gears of War 3 Xbox One Gameplay Drydock: ○Gears of War 4 Retro …


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  1. Lasersaint16 says:

    i watch ur videos everyday maybe u wanna play gears of 2 horde with me my Xbox gamertag if sinpergod058 I only have a xbox360 but it would be fun to play with you shadowz

  2. Wexuh says:

    Love your videos man pls reply☺️☺️☺️

  3. GsQ Haven says:

    Gow3 is dabest!

  4. Thrashball, still one of my favourite maps to this day. I'm hoping there's a map with a sport-like theme in Gears 4 :)

  5. rebobd1 says:

    No dude….dammit man lol

  6. Eggxboxmini says:

    Are you playing this on Xbox 360 or on the Xbox one?

  7. starspawn says:

    You have to miss UE by now.?

  8. Lotus pie says:

    I would play gears 3 again if i could download all the DLC again :'(

  9. Dude, excuse me for being frank with you, but what the fuck are you doing? What's happening with this series?! Is it a how to fuck everyone in Gears 3 with the Hammerburst? I know (or hope) you didn't play Gears 3 like this originally, so what's going on now? Would you want the coalition to appeal to the way you are playing the game in this series?

    Sorry for the rant, love your content, but shit dude. Somebody had to say someting yo.

  10. Rene L503 says:

    I can't wait for you to pay gow judgment

  11. MaalzArtz says:

    please use the shotty more man tired of watching you just hammberburst behind walls. MAKE IT INTERESTING!

  12. gears 4 is supposed to gave gears 3 game play so maybe it's a good thing to play 3

  13. is this a series of all the gears or is it sit back and abuse the hammer burst :/

  14. JoelR 8D09 says:

    i dont know how you can play this game. after playing UE gears 3 feels like a step back for me when i play it. its slow and laggy as hell for me

  15. why dont you do any executions

  16. Joey Kramer says:

    Nice video blijf dit doen pliss

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