Gears of War Every Trailer (1, 2 and 3)


In order of appearance: Gears Of War 1 – “Mad World” Song: Mad World, By: Gary Jules — Gears Of War 2 – “Last Day” Song: How It Ends, By: Devotchka …


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  1. Daniel Rios says:

    Hate it when other gamers make fun of gears of war on how its a lame game when they play cod and gears of war actually takes skill to play. I guess they hate it cause they suck.

  2. I played this game on xbox first when i was 5 i followed the story like it was the bible when dom just lied there i knew he was not the same since maria had died it tore his world apart same with marcusus dad when dom died i cried when quin mira died i laughed in victory and screamed with marcus you bitch

  3. Pancho 75 says:

    For such a good series their trailers suck

  4. At 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning this is exactly what I wanted and needed to listen to. I miss these games so much ;_;

  5. andrei silva says:

    Esperando que salga la cuarta entrega

  6. me destruye el corazón la música del primer tráiler???????

  7. jac angel says:

    donnie darko soundtrack ;v

  8. Is anyone watching them because of the Gears of War 4 trailer?

  9. Le Fromage says:

    Watching this because of the new Gears 4 trailer. Damn these feels

  10. JOHN CLARK says:

    Brothers til the end… I never noticed that until now. Those bastards basically told us they were going to kill Dom </3

  11. Chad Payne says:

    Pretty much grew up with this series I feel old watching these but the thing is im 18 where has the time gone

  12. Silent Echo says:

    Got the Gears 4 trailer as an ad. I didn't know it was an ad. I was confused af

  13. It's funny how I saw the gow 4 trailer, clicked to see the rest and then the gears of war 4 trailer comes on

  14. every time ihear Mad world i image Cleaveland singing it in the cleaveland show -,-

  15. every time ihear Mad world i image Cleaveland singing it in the cleaveland show -,-

  16. Trailer for 1 and 4 have dank memes

  17. Ivan Ramirez says:

    Dude this is why i have an xbox

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