Gentrification threatens Chinatown culture


Chinatowns in America first emerged in the late 1800s. They were areas where Chinese immigrants could find a sense of community with people who spoke the …


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  1. gentrification started during the 90s by people like Donald Trump, but it was targeting mostly Puerto rican and black area in Harlem, Brooklyn

    Now they menace the Chinatown, that tell something about the new world order's architects, their plans .

    The plan is to give everything to the rich, make every city become like TSA, build a Orwellian new town, filled with cameras, microphones and drones

    It's difficult to control people in the old Chinatown, with the tiny dark halley ways, private houses where people are kings of their domain.

    But Condos are a different matter, they are made modern, for comfort and spying.

    They do the same thing in toronto, Vancouver, europe.

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