Gerald Celente: Collapse it is coming are you Ready?


Gerald Celente: here is a trends alert that we sent on June 13th it says ‘Collapse it is coming are you Ready ?’ everything is not alright and things are going to get worse much worse the economy is on the threshold of calamity …the pundits on TV are always screaming that it is a buying opportunity never a selling opportunity even when the DOW crashed last Friday , these politicians do not represent you they only represent the very rich and special interests , we need direct democracy let the people vote says trends master Gerald Celente , if we can bank online we can vote online


Gerald Celente : The United States is going into the Greatest Depression and the world is following


Gerald Celente : Go back to our June 13 trends alert , ‘ Collapse It’s Coming Are You Ready ‘ we saw this coming and have been saying it for years , when they begun the TARP bailout under Bush we said that it was not a recovery it was a cover up that the greatest depression was coming and here it is , all this S&P talk is nothing more than the equivalent of a Archduke Ferdinand moment , an economic equivalent , for example they say : World War One begun when Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo and now they going to say : The Great Depression begun when the S&P downgraded US debt it has nothing to do whether I agree with Jim Rogers and I also agree with Alan Greenspan , that great Seer who called everything wrong and he says it with all this confidence The United States can just print more money , yeah you got it Alan , may be that’s why Gold has gone from two hundreds and roughly seventy five dollars an ounce on your watch to now where we are seeing thanks to your ‘loose money ‘ policies over seventeen hundred dollars an ounce , They’re devaluating our currency in front of our eyes.

The United States is going into the Greatest Depression and the world is following Those four words are very important in American History: Too Big To Fail , that’s when America went from the greatest country when you had the American dream could become true , we have become fascism the merger of state and corporate powers only the bigs were worth saving the rest of the people were too small to save , all of this money these trillions of dollars in stimulus and rescue packages in bailout money who did they go to ? , the numbers are there before our very eyes the rich have gotten uber rich and everyone else has gotten poorer , it was the biggest bank robbery and not only in the US but also among other central banks in world history and the banks are doing the robbing They Turned capitalism into fascism , we are going to bailout the rich they said it in front of our faces , they are too big to fail if they go down we all will die with them , they destroyed the economy , Ron Paul is correct , it was nothing more than giving somebody who has a chronic degenerative disease a drug to keep him of life support but it dos not cure the disease it only masks over the symptoms

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  1. HOLD ON everybody, your CNN, FOX, NYT, WP prayer of stock exchange mafia casino game telling you it aint that bad as it seems to be. They will not give up the system established where debt is higher than any financial profit ever can be, they will insist on the solid us government bonds because its the world currencies reserve but silence that this is all damn virtual hot air of profit gangsters while people start starving, youth went crazy with a lots of reason. FIGHT IT OUT or leave country where you can keep going with your dormant attitude having all of us brought into this. Its not the Rothschild sort of people but YOU having them allowed to rule your life.

  2. The U.S. is an oligarchy ruled by plutocrats. It is comprised of a CABAL! A partnership between the political scientist and the monetary scientist in banking.

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