Gerald Celente Predictions 2015: Disastrous Christmas, World War 3, US Economic Collapse


Forecast Gerald Celente 2015: Disastrous Christmas , World War 3 , US Economic Collapse Paul Craig Roberts – Next Collapse Economic & War World 3 …


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  1. Michael F says:

    If you look up the definition of hyperbole you'll see Celente's picture next to it…this guy needs to eat less sugar!

  2. Global Economic Collapse Will Soon Happen to this small poor planet ! But, Not the WW3 , Because it Is Going to be W o r s e . We won't be able to speak about the usual war, But … Well, it's going to be "The Cleaning" of this dirty-evil planet , because the evil people will start to kill each other …
    Only Lord God can save us.
    Peace with you with Blessings from Europe untill God's Second return before around 2027 :-)

  3. And, brother Gerald Explains it Well tooo !!! 😀 But, unfortunatelly, most of the StupidlyBlind souls around the planet won't listen him, ot they can't understand, because they just want to stay deadlyblind 🙁
    But, … soon they will have to realise their stupidness/blindness , … and, it will be their own fault when they will have to die before 2027.
    Peace with you with Blessings from Europe :-)

  4. … hey, what happened with the synchronising of the voice with the picture , … the voice gets too fast towards the end :-/

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