Gerald Celente: Run, Entire System Is Collapsing

Gerald Celente: The entire system is collapsing , Props to Gerald for being honest about his situation. I always pictured huge vaults of gold and guns with this guy. I guess I was wrong – or perhaps he’s doing both. In an earlier interview he said nobody could get his gold, it’s overseas and they’d have to find it first to get it… but it looks like this was easier than he expected, unless he was referring to his physical stash.This is a paper gold loss and not a physical gold loss. These fiat gold positions are volatile and he could still be losing margin money on it while in limbo. =He may need to pay IMF Global/CME People should stay away from this fiat garbage unless they are perfectly able and willing to lose 100%+. These globalists can pull the fiat carpet from underneath paper gold/silver at anytime and have been doing just that.Absolutely full credit to Gerald being honest about his situation. He has also described how he got burnt when he first started buying gold as a young man. Gerald is a great guy, courageous. Lesser men would not admit to these mistakes. Gerald is honest because he wants to help us. Still… ha ha… it is slightly funny that the “white shoe guys” got him

Gerald Celente: Run, “Entire System Is Collapsing”

Posted by on Nov 18, 2011

Many have long predicted a time to run for cover would come, but the notion that the reason for selling your paper assets to move into plain ol’ cash, or better yet, physical gold and silver, would be triggered by a fear of becoming victim of fraud by the U.S. government is beyond newsworthy; it’s perverse.

The theft of Gerald Celente’s “six figures” futures account in the wake of the MF Global collapse has gone viral on the web within the financial community—and for very good reason, too. The Trends Research Institute founder and director Gerald Celente, a big advocate of gold, told King World News it is now definitely the time to close your futures accounts. Your money isn’t safe. Under the smiling facade of Uncle Sam, this psychopath has gone off the rails, ‘Bernie Maddoff’ style. Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

With plenty of cash in his account and the December delivery month approaching, Celente was less than 60 days from taking physical possession of two contracts worth of gold bullion when he got the news of the swindle.

“And I get this call that I have a margin call and I said, ‘What, are you out of your mind?” Celente told King World News. “I have enough money to take possession.’ (A voice on the other end of the line said) ‘Well you don’t anymore, they’ve decided to put the money with a Trustee.’ They closed out a couple of my positions because I refused to send more money.”

More than two weeks later, with no resolution, no communication and no respect for a man whose only crime is that he’s not ‘connected’, Celente feels the complete impact of what he has warned of for some time now—a U.S. government gone completely rogue.

And it’s unlikely Jon Corzine will be punished for damaging innocent victims such as Celente and the reported 33,000 other account holders of MF Global. In fact, Corzine is rumored to be the replacement for another Washington/Fed crime syndicate member, Tim Geithner, at Treasury.

Anyone following Celente knows that he has been totally aware of the criminal takeover of the United States. Surely, the theft of his account has reignited his belief—in spades!—that some form of tyrannical cabal has seeped in through the years which reeks of tyranny.

Just as reports of Cambodians laughing at those warning of Cambodia’s Pol Pot takeover during the Khmer Rouge regime, Americans still remain divided between the ‘rational’ thinkers and the so-called ‘tin-foil hat’ crazies to whom insult has added to the psychological injury they suffer from knowing.

“What I’ve been warning everybody about, and I’ve been playing it safe, I had a contract to take delivery (of gold),” Celente, the 33-year veteran of the futures markets explained. “You can’t trust anybody and the entire system is collapsing. What’s the takeaway from this? It’s to make sure you have every penny in your pocket.”

What the people of Chile, Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, along with a long list of other nations touched by tyranny has no doubt come to the U.S.—high tech style, and we’ve only just begun, too. Celente’s case may be looked back at as a time of the good ol’ days.

Oh, it could never happen in the US, many say. But imagine if we could pit the wits of a typical circa 1935 German against a typical American of today, we may be able to reassess this ‘tin-foil-hat’ proposition offered here in a better and fuller context, keeping in mind, too, that denial is a very strong defense mechanism of the human psyche—giving yet another retread to the famous line, “You can’t handle the truth.”


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  1. If the entire financial base of the economic system is collapsing, you don’t want to run to a refuge off shore with gold and silver. It is heavy to transport and you are subject to getting robed. If you wan’t to take a large amount of wealth in a small quantity, I reccomend diamonds. They are easy to liquidate and turn into cash, gold, silver or what ever you want to trade them for. When you reach your destination, you will have something to start over with. Buy agrecultural land where you can grow your own food and raise your own live stock. After the currency collapse of post world war 1 Germany, capital assets retained their value far better the anything else. Toward the final collapse of the German Mark, the Germans abadoned using the Mark for a medium of exchange and went to barter. The impoveraged city in Berlin took what was called the Hamster train out to the country side and traded what ever possessions they had to the farmers for food. Those who forget the past will be condemed to relive it in the future. Santa Anna the Mexican war general.

  2. The International Bankers have most of the world gold supply. They have abscounded with the National Treasuries and usurped the peoples wealth. There is one thing that they didn’t coulnt on. You can’t eat gold. Food is more valuable than gold. If you have good farm land with rich soil, it is worth it’s weight in gold.

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