GERALD CELENTE – World is in a CURRENCY WAR and Heading Towards WORLD WAR 3


JOIN ELITE to NWO AGENDA last in build up to WW3 / Gerald Celente / RESET GLOBAL / GOLD / SILVER .. .


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  1. Ibpn says:

    erin ade is such a hottie and smart too.

  2. kyus2001 says:

    Sweden is already involved with using no cash and had a reduction of over 10% less cash
    It's called Seamless which is a global payments company that provides prepaid top-up systems and mobile payment services for mobile operators, distributors, retailers and consumers.

  3. jo johns says:

    holy god damn fuck this dirty jew has been banging thesame drum for 12fucking years ,hes a fear porn artist ,conman.what a bunch of jewism

  4. 11 DIMENSION says:

    Heading Towards WORLD WAR 3  

  5. alleyrat1476 says:

    I'm sure that Gerald will figure out some way to blame the Jews for

  6. ww3 L0L. free for all fk it

  7. davevak says:

    [email protected] 02:15mins only if you're the average dumb yank!

  8. onlythewise1 says:

    yes sanctions are act of war

  9. NEWAGE HERE says:

    I want to make a lot of babies with her

  10. World War 3 will unfortunately be unavoidable. Baha'u'llah (1817 – 1892) declared that first, the nations of the world will arm themselves with infernal engines of war, and when fully armed will attack each other like bloodthirsty beasts. As a result, there will be enormous bloodshed throughout the world. Then the wise men from all nations will gather together to investigate the cause of such bloodshed. They will come to the conclusion that prejudices were the cause, a major form being religious prejudice. They will therefore try to eliminate religion so as to eliminate prejudice. Later they will realize that man cannot live without religion. Then they will study the teachings of all religions to see which of the religions conforms to the prevailing conditions of the time. It is then that the Cause of God (The Baha’i Faith) will become universal.

  11. I was Vietnam conscript material too.  Can you imagine someone as worthless as me killing people?  About 550 Australians died in Vietnam.

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