German Squad Tactics in World War 2


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  1. tusk70 says:

    I always thought, german soldiers ran into gunfire without thinking ( like they do in american warmovies) and they are all equipped with MP 40s, firing a burst in the air after they were shot by an american warhero.

  2. Joe Night says:

    The MG-42 wasn't and isn't a light machinegun. It's V0 reaching up to 900 m/s is a Killer which will bust everything except for Tanks. Okay, some light Tanks fell prey to the Bonesaw (as it was called) as well, but this isn't the point here. There is a reason why this machinegun has been reused (with some minor changes) by the Bundeswehr later on and why it is until today considered the worldwide most effective machinegun. It can fire up to 25 rounds per second, thereby litterally cutting people in half. This fucker spits out so much metal when triggered, that it was one of the most effective personal mounted Anti Aircraft Guns for Tanks and Trucks up until the 80's. So i hate to bring it to you, but it is (and never was) a light machingun. It's just a machinegun. Not some overpowered heavy machinegun but not a light one either. The only reason why people keep messing this up is, that the Wehrmacht distinguished between light and heavy machingun depending if it was mounted on it's tripod or not. But this is simply a naming convention in their handbooks and has nothing to do with the class of the weapon per se.

  3. OttomanZC says:

    Amazing details! Great video!

  4. Moncho B says:

    you miss the extra barrels for the MG42 for the gunner assistant

  5. This video made me to go to play Red Orchestra 2 😀 Nice vid, thanks for it :

  6. lolugbenga says:

    Subbed after one video. Great job

  7. As a history student this is top stuff! Nice. Do you have any videos of Italian Fascist tactics in ww2?

  8. hugo balder says:

    hey gibts das auch auf deutsch mich würde interessieren wie die truppenteile korrekt auf deutsch heißen

  9. Good luck If you are going to Implement this style of tactics in a Multi-player First-Person-Shooter game every one wants to go Rambo lol

  10. Did riflemen not carry sidearms?

  11. ArtypNk says:

    fact: barely any Germans used the rifles. All squad members had 1 job: keep the Spandau in ammo. often times if the machine gun was out of action, the squad would fuck off.

  12. Belarusball says:

    Will you do similar videos for other armies?

  13. Rob McKay says:

    I love the German accent here. :)

  14. UFCMasta69 says:

    Though I'm not sure this is possible, a video like this on the Japanese squad would send me over the moon. I know that the US made a handbook on Japanese military forces and such, and I have a few books on them as well. But, I do not know if many (or any at all) original sources still exist because of their destruction at the end of the war. Still, it would be very interesting to see how the Japanese organized their squads.

  15. Awesome job! Thank you very much Sir!

  16. siratthebox says:

    LMGs live for the flanks.

  17. Wouldn't it make more sense to issue the assistant SAW gunner an MP40? Pistols are mostly useless on the battlefield (if you're a dismount). Heck, SMGs are borderline useless beyond indoor fighting. Also, why didn't they invent a more compact rifle for squad leaders and officers? I would feel naked on the battlefield if I only carried an MP40.

  18. I can see some very silly comments received for what is an excellent and very factual presentation. Yes very little ammo was carried forward unlike in the movies where they have an endless supply. For those doubters or for those seeking more enlightenment refer; "Infantry Aces", 2 Volumes of first hand squad accounts by WW 2 German Knights Cross receipients, by Franz Kurowski published by J J Fedorowicz Publishing Inc (just Google them). It is amazing to find out just what it was like to get an infantrymans eye view of a battle and see how the tactics worked and the level of training and skill that gave the Germans the victories, untill the best men were all killed off and the replacements could not perform as well which led to the sorry decline and eventual defeat.

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