Germans Riot Over Central Banks As World War 3 Drums Beat Even Louder


For VR – Russia ‘s Northern Fleet Mobilization In Frankfurt in Germany , over 10,000 people are expected to participate …


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  1. Chris Grear says:

    You're right,I believe there's some problems within the power structure running this world. Especially after that bank that got caught funneling cartel money! David Ike has a pretty good theory about it.

  2. Any one that is witnessing German riots please can you share opinions on establishment reaction? Or thoughts on cointelpro participation and or impacts? 

  3. After realising that a war is not the best option however we need to realise if we don't fight we are going to be locked up, in a prison, a mass government elite is taking over right now, the evil bankers want everyone to shut up and listen, but no we need to fight back, jobs are becoming hard to find, some children adults and animas are dying because of out humanitarian right what right American Obama care want total control, so before people are scared, to stand up, just remember some generations might suffer more. In the long run.

  4. Tommorow being 3/22, I wouldnt be surprised to see a nuclear false flag. The skull and bones logo represents a nuclear explosion shaped out of the skull. Stay safe bro.

  5. jkbear29 says:

    all the signs are here…its really scary how many people are asleep …..we are over 18 trillion dollars in debt and everything is chaos right now

  6. World War 3 will happen. Baha’u’llah (1817 – 1892) declared that first the nations of the world will arm themselves with infernal engines of war, and when fully armed will attack each other like bloodthirsty beasts. As a result, there will be enormous bloodshed throughout the world. Then the wise from all nations will gather together to investigate the cause of such bloodshed. They will come to the conclusion that prejudices were the cause, a major form being religious prejudice. They will therefore try to eliminate religion so as to eliminate prejudice. Later they will realize that man cannot live without religion. Then they will study the teachings of all religions to see which of the religions conformed to the prevailing conditions of the time. It is then that the Cause of God (The Baha’i Faith) will become universal.

  7. l harrison says:

    It sad because my grown children will not have children of their own,because of the way the world is today.

  8. From an european point of view, i hope that the people in the USA will start to protest against the centralbanks – as their centralbank controls all others for the square mile. If the USA cuts the square mile and the federal reserve off, and hopefully replaces the petrodollar with something better (digital currency would be worse), then the world has a much better chance for peace.

    Whatever Europe does, for now our Media, our Military and our politics are dominated by US interest. The europeans are aware of it, and angry as shit. You (not the uploader, the us gov) will loose us to russias side if you dont back down, and pull the US forces from germany and other countries. So i hope there will be change in US foreign policies. It would also be great if the US populace would abandon the centralbanking scheme, but for europe US foreign politics is the far greater problem – 

    i mean if a ww3 would break out, it is clear that it would play out primarily on europes soil – not on Americas or russias. So europe really has NOTHING from any conflict with our own neighbour. It is obvious to  most europeans that the brits and americans will throw them (europe) under the bus in the event of WW3. We had now 100 years of anglophone warmongering on europes soil. A hundred years, according to stratfor mouthpiece. And that war was against russians and europeans, not against our elite, nor against the ideologies – which were supported by anglophone warmongers behind backdoors. 100 ys of idiotic maneuvers from our anglophone friends to separate russia and germany. In the end this is also not in the interest uf american citizens – how can it be in their interest to turn their allies against themselves? So despite all this violent energy-release we should try to not be divided against each other.

    Hell, most americans dont even know that they still have army bases in germany, and that over 100 nukes are positioned by us forces to blow up germany. Yay! GIVE GERMANY A REAL PEACE TREATY, USA! As long as germany is occupied, the EU will continue to wreak havoc, as it is simply installed upon germanies basic law (it has no constitution YET). It is economically controlled by lobby groups and american interest. There is no german nation, just a company. People of america, the prospect of peace lies in your hands – we dont need the military industrial complex, it must be restricted before its too late. But since the population starts to get it, we will not play along – and if our local, anglo-controlled media, continues to dance according to NATO strategist s flutes, then we will burn the media down! Very soon.

    tick tock tick tock tick tock…

    it will be so – aum tat sat!

  9. Putin is a slimeball, just as obama is.

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