Getting through Suvarnabhumi BKK Airport Immigration Quickly


In this video I will share with you a little known “secret”.
There are 2 immigration arrivals sections at the airport and not many people walk to the second one.

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  1. I wil be transit in Bangkok terminal 3 any tips please?

  2. thanks ,this is ferry helpful

  3. Bob Magee says:

    When I used the 'second' immigration section, it was by mistake. A Korean flight had come in and I was at the end of the line of a couple hundred people.

    A more useful strategy is to book you seat on the flight as close to the front of the plane as possible. when you get off the flight go as quickly as possible, without looking insane, to the immigration. If you see another flight disembarking in front of you hurry around them.

  4. GazzaOak says:

    Its very dependent which end you land in. If you land near the domestic section (which is the C-D gate) you will get a shorter line for passport section (there 3, with the domestic arrival in one end, so go to the immigration nearest to the domestic arrival area, which is generally the C-D gates seem to cover)

    I flew thai airways, and i would often end up near the domestic part of the terminal (which is the C-D gates), but when i flew emirates, its was on the other side (E-F gates)

  5. TheRamm123 says:

    Does "the trick" still works ?

  6. i will try it. i will be arrivong in 2 days at 6:50 pm

  7. LasseAugust says:

    In 4 weeks i am going there so i will look for second immigraton. When i arrive in February this year i had to wait about 2 hour to pass immigration, hope i can do better this time. 🙂

  8. John Rios says:

    My wife has been going to Thailand 3 times and never knew about the 2nd queues. Now that she know she will definitely give it a try on her 4th trip in Christmas of 2016 and I myself will definitely try this whenever we go to Bangkok together in the near future lol

  9. Fred Brice says:

    Thinks that I should've known earlier lol. Thanks for the tip!

  10. I'LL put this to the test in a week

  11. Thank you for the advice you gave. I was just at the airport in Bangkok and I followed your advice and bypassed the first immigration area and went to the second and I was the only one using that one as everyone went to the main, first one. Thanks again.

  12. Maori Rascal says:

    LOL it depends which planes have just arrived. The only true way is to pay airport express @ Suvarnabhumi!!!

  13. paulie w says:

    Legend mate…did not know that. !

  14. gk10002000 says:

    huh. 12 trips through BKK.  Never noticed the second immigration.  But in all my trips the longest queue still was less than one hour and that was with the line wrapping to the top of the ramp.   In all but one trip it still took less than when I arrive back at LAX in Los Angeles, CA.  But on my next trip I will wander on down to the second area to check it out.   I Don't recall ever coming from the other direction where I would have turned right into that "second" area either.

  15. hi thanks for that info. do you know how long does it takes from going out the plane cross imgration pick up your bags and get to the check in counters.

  16. Dave Sivirn says:

    Great pointer, I used it several times cut wait time in half

  17. Lily Wong says:

    Thanks for the tips I have just came back from Thailand.

  18. Thnx for the UP mate. arriving in bkk two weeks from now.  will def giv it a shot

  19. Joe McGovern says:

    This worked for me last September, saved me loads of time queuing.

  20. Both of those immigration check points can be queued way back to duty free. It all depends on time of day and at which gates most recent planes have arrived. Early mornings from 5am see most flights from Europe arrive. Later there's more Asian flights. It's hit or miss. If you're travelling with a Thai spouse or partner then you can go together to the (shorter and faster) queue for Thai passport holders – I've never had a problem with this. If I'm travelling solo then my golden rules are sit as far forward on the plane to disembark quicker and then run!

  21. crispernator says:

    ill give it a go in june see how i go mate

  22. Htoo says:

    thanks. i will try that

  23. David Mudge says:

    I'm always coming from the opposite end to this so I think I've been hitting that second immigration entrance anyway but good to know

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