Girl Explains the Secrets of Illuminati – You’ll be shock after listening to Her


You’ll be left in shock after listening to this girl give you a shocking revelation about the Illuminati. I wonder if she was one of them before she jump ship. Please …


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  1. Mike Roche says:

    snoop dogg sold his too

  2. Damon Evans says:

    God bless you continue to push the movement. ?

  3. God bless you young child of God…your are one of us a soldier walking in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior…. thank you Jesus for this young soul who is wise an old in so many ways God keep giving her the strength to speak the word of the Lord …amen my sisters and brothers

  4. jose serrano says:

    God bless you young lady… im glad to see that there are young women like you in the world… there will be more as long as the word of God is shared… praise the Father

  5. James Saff says:

    Your so young.. gees.

  6. Malik V says:

    Lol this shit is too funny.

  7. Malik V says:

    When these folks talk about selling their soul. I'm damn sure positive they're not talking about an entity inside of you. "Selling your soul." It's just a metaphor. You're selling your will. That's honestly how I see it as. You no longer choose what you do, what you make, what you choose to speak for. You just become some rich persons puppet and you gotta do whatever it is they tell you to do, or they'll cut your strings.. haha(did y'all get that.)

  8. Legacy Jones says:

    You know nothing about what you're saying!

  9. You made t heart open more than it used to this is so good it brings me to tears

  10. Donna Swift says:

    I wish more kids eyes were open to what is being fed to them, this is what the Illuminati want. Obey, conform, consume….

  11. ImAvohs says:

    God Bless You ❤️❤️

  12. jeep3r says:

    While your gesture is appreciated, you might want to consider that "sold the soul to the devil" is often used as a metaphor when one makes compromises and make choices that he wouldn't normally make forsaking their own personalities and real dreams.

  13. William Lord says:

    I think you are a very brave & special to put this out here. The Almighty is protecting you its a beautiful thing. It takes alot for people to see that these people's truly control this world & the would like evil to prevail. Money is the root of all evil. The thing is the money, people look 4 & wont and easy way out & they give you ANYTHING YOU WON't in life-but the price if fame is your soul. God Bless [everyone] but the Black American's they are coming because we are the chosen people! And he will do anything to hurt the Father's choden people. Im far from perfect but Im willing to learn! These people are Evil!

  14. magman09266 says:

    this is the truth open ur eyes bless this young girl and i hope she is I life

  15. Vegan Dreams says:


  16. John 8:32
    “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

    You Were very brave to do this video. Congrats

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