Glenn Beck: World War III And Global Collapse Are Coming Soon (1-5-15)


Since January 5, 2015 edition of ” The Glenn Beck Radio Program ” : Glenn Beck discusses how close we are world War III and the global slump . Glenn Beck : …


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  1. Saudi arabia punishes Russia!?! In BRIKS .When do you live dude ?

  2. wtf is gold worth, wtf am i going to do with gold? this isnt 900 bc egypt. I don't need gold for anything except as maybe an electrical conductor. other than that, useless.

  3. Knows nothing about anything glen beck

  4. I don't think people realize because, to them, it will have to be so severe that it affects their personal ability to maneuver within society. It will have to get to the point that they're broke financially, without any options of moving forward, before they will acknowledge what has been right in front of their face for years.

    It couldn't be more obvious that the entire world is spiraling downward into chaos. Leadership is failing worldwide. The paper monetary paradigm is collapsing in on itself, and tension is steadily increasing.

    Some of this might take decades to fail completely, but my money says we will soon be manipulated into world war by those who see the writing on the wall. Multinationals, global banking cartels, and nations are already aligning themselves for this unavoidable eventuality.

    Sooner or later, the masses will wake up to whats coming, and when that happens those in control will be forced to create conflict in the form of recriminations designed to deflect personal responsibility. If this pitiful attempt to control the masses through redirected aggression works, we will see WW3.

    It is my hope that humanity is smarter than that, but I do not hold much faith where the ability of men to see the truth is concerned. 

    Whatever comes, it will be earned – One way, or the other.

  5. I don't give a shit what you son is saying. But the USA is strong is has been for long time. Try to understand that.

  6. MrNutsack100 says:

    Where can I get that sweater????

  7. MrNutsack100 says:

    This is a wannabe Alex Jones…

  8. Adam Smith says:

    Fuck you and your cardigan you teary moist eyed cry baby cunt.

  9. Kegga Puusi says:

    Our duller kinfolk, such as religious fundamentalists, should allow those more capable to handle the public policy decisions.

  10. So far Beck stuck out on his predictions, he became a clown just as Obama, one states that we are in the depression and another states that we are in the strongest economy ever! Such fools, very typical of bipolar disorder

  11. Jeffrey Marx says:

    That truly bad sweater was a gift to him, from the far right wing Republicans that get erections when he tells more made up crap that are their wet dreams in the daylight.

  12. ANONXZAR says:


  13. Fucking uneducated  Zionist shill.

  14. Real men don't cry — everyday, about everything, all the time.

  15. Wayne cain says:

    What else is new

  16. club352 says:

    Ww3 makAveli lives

  17. joe blough says:

    I'm waiting glennnn……..

  18. Glenn is SSB,that's Stupid Since Birth.

  19. athruaathrua says:

    the only thing these idiots are missing are.STRAIGHT JACKETS!!!!!

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