Global Crisis: How Much Time do We Have?

Global Research, May 8, 2009
A good doctor is one who will tell his patient what ails him, no matter how bad the news…  A good doctor begins by making a correct diagnosis of his patient’s condition.  A bad doctor, however, either cannot make a proper diagnosis (because he lacks expertise) or, worst still, he hides the truth afrom his patient…

When a dread disease patient is told what he is suffering from, before actually accepting the envitable he first goes through the stages of disbelief and denial.  There’s disbelief when we hear the patient say “this is not right: the doctor’s made a mistake!”.   But when the dignosis of his illness is confirmed, then in dispair he goes info full denial saying “Impossible!  This can’t be happening to me!!”.

A good doctor helps his patient weather this painful process, guiding him towards acceptance of his predicament.  Only then can the healing begin.     Something similar happens – albeit more abstractly -, when the People are hit by social turmoil as a consequence of severe crises arising from what Carl G. Jung called “epidemics of the mind and soul”.

Below, we address some key issues that we feel reflect the fact that a cycle is coming to an increasingly abrupt end in the whole world, even though the global media may be looking the other way (i.e., hiding the truth and generating smoke screens), most politicians hardly understand what is going on (on account of their ignorance), the bulk of the population in all countries see and feel this but cannot rationalize what’s happening (disbelief), and some intelectuals may actually understand what’s going on and where we’re being dragged, but find it too hard to accept (i.e., denial).

In our communiqué No. 52 of October 3, 2008 dealing with the Global Financial “crisis” that had then just broken out, we said that there was no such “crisis”.  Rather, what began Monday, September 15, 2008 was the beginning of a terminal and irreversible collapse of the global financial system, which is part of a controlled Model through which other objetives will be achieved.  Those objective go far beyond merely financial goals: rather, they seek to advance towards the next geopolitical stage in the “New World Order” (NWO).  And this is nothing more and nothing less than the enthronement of a WORLD GOVERNMENT.   At that time, we also described the NWO Elite’s three basic “Plans”, i.e.,:

– Plan “A” seeks to resolve the on-going financial “crisis” through merely financial measures.  It’s not working….
– Plan “B” will seek to resolve the “crisis” by a comprehensive overhaul of the global financial system, which among other factors will include introducing a New Dollar, backed by “foolproof” gold bullion.  This will allow the global elites to transfer the bulk of Wall Street and European bankers’ losses to other geographies (amongst them, China, which is one of the focus of present crisis, as well as Latin America), and
– Plan “C” that will seek to “kick the chessboard”, so to speak, triggering a planetary war.
We believe that these three “Plans” are presently in different stages of implementation: Plan “A” is almost dead.  Plans “B” and “C” are about to be activated. Let’s see where we stand at present….

First, we must understand that “New World Order (NWO)” is not an actual “stage” in the global political structure but, rather, it’s a generic term.  Thus, we had several “New World Orders” over the past century:
– in 1919, when World War I ended and the Council on Foreign Relations (New York) and Royal Institute of International Affairs (London) were created, as geopolitical controlling and planning organizations bent on promoting Anglo-American-Zionist interests throughout the world.

– in 1945, when the Post-World War II Bipolar World was designed: i.e., Bretton Woods, Yalta, the UN, the “cold war”.

– in 1991, after the USSR was thrown into the dust bin of History to make way for NWO “globalization”, as announced by George HW Bush, Sr. (on 11-Sept.-1991!), and

– in 2008, when now ambiguous and dying “globalization” begins phasing out, to be replaced by something far more ambitous: an authoritarian and mandatory World Government, as announced in the London “Financial Times” on December8, 2008 by Gideon Rachman.

Today we are undergoing the violent stage just prior to imposition of World Government.    Amongst its goals:
– Disolution and destruction of all National Sovereignties (the demise of the Nation-State promoted by the CFR, Trilateral and Bilderbergers)

– The Twilight of the United States of America as the “indispensable” superpower (ergo, Obama was allowed into the Oval Office)

– Drastic depopulation of the world (pendemic hysteria)

– Total electronic surveillance and control of surviving citizenry (Psywar drills that increasingly lower people’s resistance to inocculation), and

– Monolithic centralization and strict comprehensive control over politics, the economy, finance, the military, culture, the media, technology and even religious activities.
All of this CANNOT be achieved without war.  Thus, Plan “C” has just been activated.
Over the past months, China has been looking at the US and the Wall Street parasites with an increasingly fixed and unblinking gaze…
They want to know what is going to happen with the 1.7 Trillion Dollar-denominated Reserves that they are holding on to (some Washington observers call this “The Chinese Nuclear Bomb”).  The US is not answering because they simply don’t have any answer to give…
Were China to make a “strong move” (such as changing their US Dollar-denominated Reserves into Euros on very short notice), the effect would lead to the collapse the US Dollar (for this Contingency they have Plan “B” as described).
Actually, one of the main sources of financing of American public deficits is, in fact, China which until recently had been soaking up huge tranches of American Public Debt (today these needs are running as high as u$s 170 billion a week!!).
The recent mysterious fly-over of Air Force One, low over Manhattan in New York City, triggering panic and the evacuation of the World Financial Center and other Manhattan skyscrapers, seems to be linked to this: it appears that Obama and some from his team had decided to meet with Trustees and representatives from China and other foreign powers to try to reach some agreement/solution.  But Obama did not properly consult with “those upstairs who have the final say”, who then decided otherwise and ordered Air Force One to land in Washington DC, doing that with a more than threaterning demeanor.  Fearing the worst, the Air Force One pilot decided to protect his plane by having it “seen by millions” over the skies of New York City, in such a way that the two F16 fighter jets “escorting” him could do nothing “strange” (see the incredible low fly-by videos on YouTube).   Later on, the missions of these foreign creditors of the US – Chinese included – were involved in a confussing shoot-out with FBI operatives that left several agents dead…

The State of Israel continues moving forward with its announced plans of unilateral attack on Iran.  We have been informing about this for more than two years now.  This will be a premeditated, unjustified, unilateral attack perpetrated by the State of Israel, the only country in the Middle East that wields Weapons of Mass Destruction – 400 nuclear artefacts ceded by the US -, and shows an unequivocable willingness to use them.  Naturally, their excuse is Iran’s nuclear program.  The London “Times” newspaper, in its April 18,2009 edition informs that the Israeli Air Force is fully ready to attack and are only waiting to receive the green light from the new ultra-right wing Israeli primer minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his even more ultra-right wing foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, and the IDF high command (see article “Israel stands ready to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites”).
THAT will be the trigger for generalized war involving WMD’s – biological, chemical and nuclear.  Israeli sources say that they will attack Iran with or without the Obama Administration’s green light, knowing full well that Zionist power in America is above any Administration, whether Democrat or Republican.  Netanyahu will meet with Obama on May 18th.  Either way, once Israel attacks and Iran retailiates, the Obama Administration will be FORCED by Zionist power structures in control of the US, to fight for them (see “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy”, Stephen Walt & John Mearsheimer).   This was just been ratified by “The Daily Telegraph” of 7th May.

This “Israeli Detonator” goes hand in hand with the repositioning of the US military along the lines suggested by Zbigniew Brzezinski’s geopolitical strategic thought, which calls for the US detaching from the Iraqui mess and focusing on Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Taliban and the Caspian Sea oil fields.  Afghanistan is in a horrific mess, with the Taliban having recovered the better part of that country.  Today, they stand a mere 160 kms from Islamabad, in Pakistan, which too is in a horrific crisis.  US bombs fall on Afghanistan and Pakistan daily without their puppet governments doing anything about it.
From their respective viewpoints and interests and with varying criteria and levels of alarm, Iran, Russia and China closely observe these threatening maneouvers (supplemented by NATO’s dangerous encircling strategy against Russia in Poland and other parts of Europe).   The three, however, recognize that they have the same adversaries: The US (for Russia and China), Israel and the US (for Iran).  A truly explosive formula, but a necessrary risk for the NWO elite bent on enthroning World Government.
This ought to be a wake-up call for all countries around the world.  Red lights should be blinking and alarm bells ringing in every nation, because  World Government will not leave any country out; and any country not wanting to “voluntarily join” this World Government geared on US, UK and Israeli global interests, will be automatically branded a “Rogue State”, “antidemocratic”, “contrary to humanity”, “anti-Semitic”, and when that happens, we all know what comes next…

US and European banks are bankrupt, many major industries are bankrupt (Chrysler being the latest to fall), global insurers and reinsurers are technically broke, whilst most all financial institutions are technically unsound, at best, and unviable at worst.  First World Governments must bail out company after company.  Yet more proof that, when left to its own dynamics, Extreme Capitalism leads to a Soviet-like system in which the State  takes over corporations (“too large to fail”, naturally) and runs the economy to protect the bankster Nomenklatura…
Time and again, we see the same cycle: first come decades of privatizing huge profits which flow straight into the pockets of bankers, “investors”, speculators and parasites of all sorts, types and shapes, and then when the whole System comes crashing down as happens now, the ensuing and predictable gigantic losses are socialized by way of government funded bail-outs with taypayer money, and irresponslble money printing to save those who should sit in jail.  Everybody else is left high and dry, and on their own.
The US-Dollar has been technically hyperinflated, even though no one is saying “the king is nude!!”…  Not yet, anyway…
We now learn that recession in the US, Europe and Asia is “much worse than thought and expected”, so say the experts…
Millions loose their jobs and livelihood, millions loose their homes and assets, millions loose their pensions and life’s savings, millions start taking to the streets: manifestations, “tea parties”…  Social War… Reprisal and repression.
“Wall Street Inversor” Bernard Madoff (ex-president of NASDAQ y director of Yeshiva Univerrsity in Tel Aviv) has become a symbol of the white collar Banker Mega-fraud which is an integral part of the Extreme Capitalist system (using the Ponzi Scheme Pyramid as its basic model), with his 70 billion dollars stolen from other “investors” (ha!…they now seem to have fallen into a modern version of cannibalism, taking bites amongst themselves..!).
We should, however, be “kinder” to Bernie Madoff because he’s taking all the blame and getting all the bad “Ponzi Schemer” headlines, whilst the the truth is that the ENTIRE global financial system is one vast Ponzi pyramid.   This is how CitiCorp (William Rhodes, Robert Rubin), Bank of America, Goldman Sachs (Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner), Morgan Stanley, AIG (Maurice Greenberg) and most all other global banks and insurers operate all the time.
To get a better idea of what’s really happening behind the scenes, take a look at Freddie Mac whose recently appointed 41 year old Chief Financial Officer David Kellermann “commited suicide”.  Russian intelligence sources, however, point to a more credible cause of death linked to the fact that Kellermann appeared to have discovered that Freddie Mac had syphoned over 50 billion dollars to Zionist and Israeli interests and organizations, and he was about to become a whistleblower going public with that explosive information…   Bear in mind that when Freddie Mac collapsed late last year, one if its directors was Rahm Emanuel, today president Obama’s dual-citizenship (Israeli and US) chief-of-staff, also suspected of being an Israeli Military Intelligence operative.

This would seem to be yet another smoke screen imposed on the world media’s headlines, in order to keep the above dramatic events as much out of the front pages and newscasts, as possible.  So far, there are only around 2000 H1N1 cases globally; of the 160 Mexican deaths originally reported by FoxNews a couple of weeks ago, we are now down to around 30…  The same goes for the rest of the world.  The media have gone into Hysteria Over-drive, generating what one major risk consultancy has labelled “pandemic hysteria”, to the great joy of major Pharmaceutical Labs who are having near record sales of “Tamiflu” and other Influenza medications.   The NWO people were also able to test and assess results of their PsyWar Operations, geared on controlling large masses of people by instilling fear, so they can be willingly inocculated.  Face masks, quarantines, mass vaccinations, cancelled flights, the whole circus of a global drill… as occured with the Bird Flu scare, back in 2004 and 2005 (whatever became of that??).
At some point, they will no doubt let loose some synthetic “selective” virus which will target increasingly focused social groups and types (was HIV a precursor?), because one of the key objetives of World Government is to trigger intensive depopulation of the world, as recommended by Henry Kissinger’s National Security Strategic Memoranum 200, back in 1974.
Finally, the seven issues we address above should not be seen as isolated and unconnected.  Rather, they are inter-related and should be viewed holistically, as part of a much vaster strategy geared on imposing World Government, one way or another…  Addressing these and other factors jointly, and projecting their medium- and long-term effects will allow us to begin to understand what is really happening in the world; which is a very different story than what we hear on CNN, FoxNews, the BBC, The New York Times, Washington Post, Daily Telegraph, ABC, CBS or NBC…
In short, the key question we must ask should become increasingly obvious to us all, everywhere: How much time do we have left?   How much time do we really have in the US, in Europe, in Argentina, in the whole world?
You be the judge… you make your own choice.  You can either be a Homer Simpson-like couch potato, zapping on your TV remote control, or… we can all start getting a grip on this whole disaster – no matter where each of us is – and start doing something about it….
Whatever we do, we had better start doing it fast!

Adrian Salbuchi

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  1. Making someone work for nothing and giving the lions share to the few who do nothing is what is killing everything we hold dear in our lives, the planet works every day for the whole for absolutely nothing, the Georgia Guidestones are saying that less can most definately be more, but only on the backs of our OWN labour, only then can we truly say those fruits are our own to do with what we think fit.

    Our own immediate enviornment is now starting to show signs of imminant collapse, of all the species throughout the life of this planet, 99.99% have become extinct, just as we will, we simply need to grow up and except this as scientific fact, then we might have a bit better understanding of how to treat each other so we can at lease enjoy what time we have left.

    The planets echo systems and life forces are now in rapid decline and simply cannot keep up with human intervention, once our immediate enviornment has been exhausted to the point that it cannot sustain itself, we will die off, or if we absorb the energies of the whole and do not let the fires of nature spring back into life, that fire will eventually go out.

  2. No way ppl. stand up and fix this world as all of us allowed it to happen! US ppl protect and fight for your constitutional rights and remove money influences on how to run a democracy, fight for your human rights because we are all born into a world of debt, pressure and politics we didnt make but have to suffer, fight for a social minded democracy only although you hate the word socialism. Rest of the world same but all you guys help in the US because of the headquarter of the criminal Rothschild Gang. There is no way world got peace as long as those are not punished and banned forever. Dont dream. Refuse money and learn how to swap again. Print your own money or bill of exchange like 12 german communties do already since two years. Dont fight on jews, fight the k.nazi jews manipulating even the jews but for the future of our children stop talking and act. The structure of power is by now widely known, pass the bill back to all of them and recover all values stolen to humanity since the 18th century. Learn to be tough again and give up on the economic sytems established. Dont use their money and they have to eat it themselves, dont go to war and they have to fight alone, come or go where ppl like you and me are out of the system already.

  3. amine says:

    “The worst part about it all is that we no longer know who to trust to help us, so instead, we will polarize ourselves and seek means and measures for survival. Some of us will stick to our rational, sane survival methods..others will resort to ruthless plundering, raping, murder…….oh yeah, that’s already happening! Silly me.”

  4. Mary Tasker says:

    The worst part about it all is that we no longer know who to trust to help us, so instead, we will polarize ourselves and seek means and measures for survival. Some of us will stick to our rational, sane survival methods..others will resort to ruthless plundering, raping, murder…….oh yeah, that’s already happening! Silly me.

  5. Monica Davis says:

    Why do people have difficulty understanding that this planet is a living organism, bound by biological, gravitational and physical system that are terrestrial and extra-terrestrial? No one knows how extragalactic, or even solar magnetic forces affect the planet’s core; nor how subterranean forces, oceans and gravity work in concert or against one another. Most of us are so busy believing that our particular version of homo sapien stupidus is superior to others that we don’t understand that this planet existed without us for billions of years and we aren’t necessary to its continued existence.
    We should be a little more humble: if we keep shitting in our own back yard, we just might brew up something nasty enough to wipe us out entirely., And the world and universe would still go onn.

  6. Tom Dennen says:

    The earth is a closed ecosystem (nothing gets in – except weightless sunlight and some meteoric dust; and nothing gets out – except some satellite debris)

    Ecosystems are generally stable. Except that. the earth’s ecosystem has a serious, periodic (and quite natural) adjustment which impacts on every human being on it: Every thirteen thousand years, the poles build up two trillion and eighty billion tons of ice.

    The common explanation for the geography of the Antarctic land mass is that ‘it was once part of another land mass and drifted to the South Pole over many years’.

    But that does not explain how it got underneath the ice.

    What if something else happened? What if, like clockwork, every thirteen thousand years the entire earth’s crust (only thirteen miles thick floating over eight thousand miles of molten lava) shifts because of the weight of this water, and the poles end up on the equator after the thin crust slides across the molten liquid rock underneath in a huge spiral movement

    No one is sure how long this process takes, but it is catastrophic, with tectonic plates shifting, the moten lave bursting from crack in the plates – the earth literally moves, the whole earth, as a unit.

    The now equatorial pole ice masses then melt causing a rise in coastal sea levels up to 400 feet and the Antarctic continent is under the South Pole – hello, Lost City of Atlantis.
    Recorded history only goes back five thousand years, before that is myth and oral tradition.

    Yet very mythological ‘oral tradition’ on the planet, from South America to Africa to the east is virtually identical, speaking of an ‘end of the world’ scenario – fire, mountains (the sky) falling, earth moving (the crust shifting), volcanoes (tectonic plates shifting and breaking), followed by a flood (the poles, now on the equator, melting?)

    There are specific, mathematically correct, geophysical proofs recently recorded by Mr. Graham Hancock, author of ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’ (an unfortunate positioning in image and market position terms – the book’s with fake gods from Sirius, lizard people and other fanciful and bizarre inventions)

    Hancock is not in that realm. His work is scientifically impeccable and has convinced me that this is certainly, if not fact, then at the very least worthy of a serious mainstream scientific investigation.

    Because, if he is right – and there is no available argument to the contrary that I have so far found, we have less than three hundred years to prepare for the next cataclysmic shift of the earth’s crust.

    Along the earth’s tectonic faults and under the ocean, volcanic activity and earthquake ‘swarms’ are already increasing.

    A solution is to melt the poles, starting now (after we have all convinced ourselves that the closed, unbalanced ecosystem conclusion is indeed not such a remote possibility, depolitcized and demonetized the planet’s ‘Odious Debt’ and stopped killing each other.)

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