Go Behind the Scenes of The Jungle Book (2016)


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  1. Smilesof159 says:

    Kaa is like Scarlett Johansson ASMR.

  2. horrible how movies are created these days

  3. I can't believe it those animals were real in the movie

  4. I can't believe it those animals were real in the movie

  5. Amazing Star says:

    0:01 HE PLAYED IN ANNE FRANK (otto h.Frank) AHH

  6. were those oobi and uma when mowgli offered the animal food

  7. love jungle book neel sethi

  8. Kiara Colon says:

    Wow, the actor that voiced Shere Khan is the same one that voice Chief Bogo in Zootopia.

  9. Kaa should do asmr

  10. Azure Bryant says:

    I been to a lot of auditions and half I don't get, but you. you are the main character in this movie and I am proud of you. don't focus on what people think about you like you shirtless in a blue room with non-real animals it's only the limit to Your imagination don't let people stop you from doing what you what. ??????????????????????????????? wow i can't believe that you are older than me???

  11. it's awesome making and I love it

  12. Gabriel Eder says:

    Peeps, neighborhood really like this sne $ concern

  13. aj says:

    its very difficult to shoot..its all about imagination

  14. AnAwesome JJ says:

    why does scarlet talk so sexy

  15. earleroy says:

    Bogo's back bitches

  16. faverau gain alot of weight man

  17. I saw the Jungle Book it was awesome neel did an outstanding job. I respect that

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