God of War! Kratos PvP Build – DARK SOULS 3


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  1. Kankes says:

    If someone's spamming R1 with a rapier/estoc, is it really as simple as just spam parry with the caestus and you'll get them on the third hit?

  2. too much parry
    not enough square/R1 mashing

  3. Isrel156 says:

    Huh, who would've thought Kratos was a sunbro?

  4. Rygarr Treat says:

    Your not very good are ya

  5. linking park JAJAJA

  6. ♫Hold devil's pot of tea!♫

  7. What set is that? Anyone?

  8. Captain 膣 says:

    You used the wrong weapons, try daggers they look more like his actually weapons

  9. C'mon Ela please show the sliders, this is the best Kratos that I have seen(if you showed on stream just say the day you did, because if you did I missed.

  10. Reterek says:


  11. mgkpraesi says:

    Parry wins are lame.

  12. This is so wonderful and Beautiful

  13. just bananas says:

    please for the love of god place your stats and your outfit in the discription… i wanted to try it but have no clue what to go for.. (i know most of your outfit tho but damn son please xD (loved your video btw nice job i like ur runs 2)

  14. Zondanova says:

    Dont know why but when you were at that fog gate waiting for the guy fighting aldrich it reminded me of darth maul

  15. Kharn Zor says:

    ugh how about you pvp people who can actually pvp you scrub

  16. Fuss Koch says:

    Where did u get this weapon

  17. mand0rk says:

    Warden twin blades would've been good for this

  18. you got ur revenge xd

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