God VS Satan – The Final Battle – HD – Full Documentary – Antichrist



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  1. Dark Gang says:

    I'm going to get my glory regardless.

  2. Dark Gang says:

    I am distracted by the Father away from confusion.

  3. I think God is going so she's going to win

  4. i like the part when god and the Devil fight ??????

  5. i like the part when god and the Devil fight ??????

  6. Lord Freiza says:

    God and Satan is real and I'm under attack by the demons of glutton

  7. God will win he's the god we all love n trust can I get a I love you god from everyone

  8. Omega Squid says:

    you know… The devil was once an Angel – Lucifer… but since Lucifer didn't want to be controlled by God, and he wanted his own Freedom, God threw him out of the Heaven because of that, and completely Demonised him, god did an incredible job brainwashing people and turning them against him, to me Satan stands for self-freedom and Bravery.. if it all existed, i would be more afraid of God than the Devil, God allows Disasters to happen and let's evil run the world while Satan only tortures people that absolutely Deserves it..

  9. God is the reason we are here

  10. thang hmun says:

    god will not give up and God will win

  11. I love you god!' Your gonna win ??

  12. god sucks i want the devil to win

  13. Bokhee Yu says:

    God will win I believe in him he is the hope of the universe.

  14. FaZe BaDgeR says:

    Our god is greater our god is stronger god you are higher then any other our god is healier awsome and power

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