Gold hits record $1,432.57 an ounce


By Agence France-Presse

WASHINGTON – Gold struck a new record at $1,432.57 an ounce Tuesday as worries spread that the surging price of oil could fuel inflation and dampen economic growth.

The price on the London Bullion Market jumped more than $13 an ounce from Monday to top last December’s record of $1,431.25, before falling off slightly to around $1,430.50 at 2035 GMT.

On the New York Mercantile Exchange, the price on the contract for April delivery closed at $1,431.20, also a record for that market.

The jump came after oil prices rose again on Libyan unrest and US Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke warned that a sustained rise in oil prices could potentially threaten US economic growth and spark dangerous broader price rises.

“Sustained rises in the prices of oil and other commodities would represent a threat both to economic growth and to overall price stability,” the central banker said in testimony to Congress Tuesday.

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  1. Maccy says:

    The future in prophecy indicates nothing is safe, not even gold, we cannot hide from what is coming, nor devise a shield, in the conventional ways, because end times are to be a time like no other, we would do well to set aside false religions… God welcomes us however to search for him in the day of wrath with open minds and hearts… none have represented the true god with accuracy, these are to be exceptional times that will show wisdom of man as foolishness, and a cause for shame, we are told to seek him in the day of his wrath this is because all of us and religion have failed to live up to his truth, many feel this does not apply to them because their beliefs are correct and will protect them in this day…I beg to differ, rather we have removed chunks to make it easier for us to bear, this is not sufficient…

  2. You can live without gold and silver and an automobile, but you can not live without food, clean drinking water, clothing, and shelter. Learn survival skills and stock up on guns, amo , tools, a pack animal and survival gear. There are millions of acres of public lands without anybody living on them. When the system fails, people will be rioting in the streets. Get out of Babylon the great if you do not want to take part in her judgements. Too bad, too bad, in one hour her riches have been devastated. They did not repent of their worship of idols of gold and silver that can neither hear nor see nor talk.

  3. Maccy says:

    Keep a sharp eye on it, as an investment and as a means of calculated protection, little beats GOLD right now.. However “keep your radar switched on at all times”, as any means of protection assumed or otherwise was never subject to honest competitive rules, “devaluing assets is a prime tool that obliterates affluence”, and affluence influences social thinking, the spark that ignites the fire of self-beliefs that can and did lead to positive futures, because vision can lift oneself and family out of poverty,. Given freedom of opportunities of course…..

    Please be very aware always, that the “Prerequisites” that enrich the perception of security that gives stability of mind, is a studied, and disciplined mindset of the elite, and of course fully provided as a service within the “privileged network”,. Also social structure is under premeditated attack, for many years the phsychological (PSYWAR)…”Weapons of Mass Destruction that Inflict Apathy”…were being cleverly interwoven, to bring places and peoples to a stage of social, cultural, and moral development considered to be more advanced: “a so called civilized society” it is clear we see it entering into “full swing” mode now worldwide……

    Investments can make and break the hopes and dreams of people that endeavor, , it has however “always” been born out of meticulous planning, and designed to cross and impact all social barriers, it conspires to break families, break the family, and jungle law sets in, caveman style, it is already here ..”A Result they Fully Expected” then in “Open Mockery at our having “Fallen For It All” the instigators have the audacity to stand off at a distance and point their fingers at the people as the Greedy Opportunists, the Lawbreakers, accusing the people of being the Harbingers of Breakdown and Rebellion and War……
    Anyone that believes by thinking, that the world stage is under direction by the human mind only, has yet to be rudely “awakened”, pure evil has a source, I feel this is also within their script, and they are forcing us to take part in, it and live under its yoke……

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