“Gorod Krovi” WORLD AT WAR CHALLENGE (Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies)


Today ill be playing on Gorod Krovi (Black Ops 3 Zombies) and ill be doing the World At War Challenge! Help Me Reach 400000 Subscribers …


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  1. fangz1243 says:

    Death and taxes

  2. I think the Ray Gun deserves a buff.. It is the OG wonder weapon, I think it deserves to give off more damage because it's practically useless in the semi-high rounds

  3. QuailFFA says:

    48:47 "I have a toaster!" -Adam2k16

  4. QuailFFA says:

    Favorite map so far is definetly the giant because of nostalgia.

  5. Cian says:

    What theme does he have on ps4

  6. gorod krovi fav map

  7. you cheated in that challenge… while Double Tap existed in WaW, Double Tap 2.0 first appeared in BO2

  8. desertfox738 says:

    What does summoning the groph module after already pack a punching do?

  9. Rafael F says:

    he looks like Donald Trump son

  10. the argus sucks MrT is gonna find u

  11. Ray gun mark 3 looks like something off of moon

  12. Huse Yin says:

    38:05 MOOOOOOOVEE!!!!!! XD

  13. DRJ2 says:

    if you think bout it you can use the mk3 because the main gun in waw is the mk1

  14. Technically this isn't WAW challenge because quick revive didn't revive you in solo in Waw

  15. What is that ps4 theme it's cool please someone tell me

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