Government explained must see ( uitgelegd overheid )


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  1. Juridically is that not correct ie.setting the parliament out of the game. You need to know we do NOT choose our leaders. We only choose our representatives empowered to choose the leaders. That is something totally different. So for te law this is incorrect information. That same parliament has also the power to correct ministers. You should know that.The people have NO juridical say in it. And if so, you should point out the articles in the constitution that entitle them to act in chosing leaders.
    The truth is, political parties setting forth the baddest persons to become a minister due to nepotism, corruption, oligarchic organisations and descent. This is the same in a football or with a tennis league. So nothing new.
    So this is mainly incorrect information for the law. Don't mess with the constitution, you are out of the law in doing so.
    Constituare= to build up´╗┐

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