Gucci Mane – Intro (ft. PeeWee & Thug) [World War 3: Lean]


Gucci Mane – Intro ( ft PeeWee and thug . ) [ World War 3 : Lean ] Gucci Mane – Intro Gucci Mane – World War 3 lean Vol.1 ( Mixtape ) 01. Gucci Mane – Intro ( feat .



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  2. Young thug funny as shit

  3. Guwop ripped this!! And I'm feeling lost just like weezy and Zoe ????

  4. Listening to this on head phones and I'm super fuckin high… I'm not kidding when Young thug started talking i busted out laughing haha. I didn't know he was about to talk

  5. Trey Davis says:

    Erybody snapped thug snapped free wop 

  6. Brandon Lyas says:

    fuck gucci I sign this song when I was lil boy and that nigga gucci we won't to go get my verses somebody take from me in Savannah and we won't in the house to get my verses and when we got in the truck that nigga put a gun to my back and we stop the truck and that nigga take off with my verses so don't y'all forget who the real mother fucker is was leaving that life style nickname el chapo 

  7. Naif Fresh says:

    Hello world,

    yea this your god damn the young

    you know its amazing whats going on out here on these streets, you know, you got these boys out here playing, they come out the Porsche not ready, i come to find out what it really is, they ain't mamas baby they're mamas boy, see if they was mamas baby they could learn something, but they're mamas boy. they don't know when to shut up, they don't know when to get out the way, they don't know how to stay in their lane, when you come out the Porsche you gotta already be ready, because when you hit the streets…

  8. greg bondjr says:

    lol dick and dortios

  9. VictorPage44 says:

    still the best young thug verse

  10. them boiis ain't playin

  11. Another Mike Will banger

  12. tHIS SHIT IS CRAZZZYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. it gets harder and harder

  14. "Y'all youngsters out here be good mmmk!"……

  15. Chris Martin says:

    smokin on dank because cigarettes stank!!

  16. First time I ever heard of Young Thug

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