HAARP: An Overview Of Regional Climate Events: Natural Cloud Bows?

This is a small portion of the evolution of Global Warming, to Climate Change, to Dramatic Climatic Regional Weather Events. This goes to a spectral array of earth degradation that has been at work by design, though it is compartmentalized groups that feed data which is collated and refined for use, by further compartmentalized workers.

As proof of their existence created awareness, it necessitated a cover-up agenda. Its hour glass flow, timed to the need to restate a new factuality, continuing the secreting of events. From the endemic technocratic military industry, which propagandized solely as “Anthropogenic”, the genesis of results of GeoEngineering, came as one cover-up. The militarized control of Ill science run amuck was a second, with the Stratospheric HAARP experimentation spectrum. A third, which combines them, is the artificial electrical grid that, has emerged that creates unprecedented, very unpredictable weather globally. These are a side effect of what some believe exist as successes and as such to be beneficial.

The how of its coming to be is an agenda, a cash cow, a power hunger, and in the end, Eugenics. The “Money Powers” steer the usage of resources for profit and ultimately, Power! The ownership of the Globe, without you, or I . Hubris drives a road in darkness, lacking clear vision, availability of brakes, or experience of the path taken.

Here are two photos, they seemed to be photo shopped. Research has shown them to be of a nature created by Technocratic NWO lack of foresight… I will continue with a centralized vision of the opposing sides in the debate.

Please note the domed structures shown in both of these photos…

HAARP An Overview Of Regional Climate Events Natural Cloud Bows

There is a topographically different vantage point and potentially different structural developmental timing in the pictures. For one thing you will note the same structure, with what appears, a small antenna, to the lower right of the large dome in both images. The bottom image is either a different location entirely, or an angle, from a distance, in which the documentarian changed angle enough to change the gradation of slope on both hill sides of the large dome.

Here are the dome type, similar in design form of the myriad systems employed in testing wave modulation, Hz Frequencies, cyclic pulsations, their power strength emitted, the size of the array, and its use to project, receive and record actuarially. The results of a given atmospheric condition which has been designed, refined, and found to be present as the optimum time, for a test is the goal. It is no different than the beginnings of the “Nuclear Age”, in its lacking knowledge of the long term effects of their use. This is extreme shorthand, so, I hope you read between the lines, and follow your own research for a far broader understanding.

With The numerous changes, enabling the ever shrinking size dilemma, faced by the fevered pitch of technology and the need for it to remain secreted away, we see HAARP systems smaller in construction. They having been refined, and honed, are now able to be so small as to be portable. Their successful use maximized by changing location. Mobility enabling alignment with the required zone of conductive particulates, laid down by chemtrails, using to the best of their ability their forecast projections, of how the released slurry of metallic aerosol will concentrate, site specific…

Area “D” in China Below with Lat: and Lon
Last a HAARP Design that is peppered with domes…

US Military H.A.A.R.P Facility In Exmouth,Western Australia That Is Even More Advanced Than The One In Alaska:

I had hoped to bring you an image of the Hobart HAARP site in Tasmania with its large and smaller dome and other buildings… To be continued…

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Just be aware they are rewriting the history of clouds and removing pages from books while doing so.


    I remember in the early 1990s when scientists were worrying about the coming ice age.

    The video above explains more.

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