HAARP (Frankenscience) Documentary – Ionospheric Weapons System – World War 3 – Chemtrails – WW3


EXCELLENT : our atmosphere is now a weapon !!! Animals Nature destroyed HAARP – ionospheric Weapon System – World War 3 – artificial …


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  1. sherri99516 says:

    EXCELLENT documentary: Our Atmosphere is now a weapon!!! People Animals Nature are being destroyed. 

    HAARP – Ionospheric Weapon System – World War 3 – Artificial Plasma Communication — Documentary — Ground Based Stars Wars System — Electromagnetic Warfare — Weather Modification — Earthquakes — Volcanic Eruptions — Geophysical Warfare — Changing our atmosphere — World War 3 — Population Control — advances in Tesla Technology

  2. HAARP
    Documentary – Ionospheric Weapons System
    World War 3 

  3. HAARP (Frankenscience) Documentary – Ionospheric …: http://youtu.be/asBu832v0rc

  4. skank dollar says:

    it was used on me . a poor person in the ghetto somewhere. … what is one to do? let it be known..? 

  5. consumers are too busy watching the walking dead to give a shit about these 'conspiracy theories' 

  6. You have to realize the problems seen today and then ask your self why is west dry   well here it is =they say they can control weather but our weather is not a 10 years storm anymore its a yearly thing !   ever want to know why = I know along with the old "AIS"   NASA program this is the king of it all over the world !

  7. lynjane1000 says:


  8. Rod Crosser says:


  9. MVPappas60 says:

    This is an old documentary but still relevant for today and think about what they have learned and what they are doing with haarp today. This is at least 15 year old video or older. This is now connected with cern.

  10. Alen Coffell says:

    Phase trajectory, next? Alligators are controlling your minds!

  11. " . . . and there shall be earthquakes in many places . . . "  Holy Bible

  12. Only people with a conscience honor treaties!  You animals!  Get OUT of your reptilian brain stem and think like an advanced life form.

  13. They look like grown men, but they're really still just little boys who like to blow things up. Totally no wisdom!!

  14. Michael I says:

    Can't we just invent something that instantly makes the planet earth completely uninhabitable, say, an hour or so after pressing a button?
    Wouldn't that save you some time? 
    Or are you using it for something inherently good?

  15. You should have experienced this in Aurora Il sometime around summer of 2007, the clouds looked like bubble wrap in the sky and low, and a loud sound of a locomotive chugging for about an hour, coming from every angle in the sky, very fucking scary, I felt that something was wrong then, then we start seeing all the massive fish and bird kills for no reason soon after , and then all the other reports of weird sounds coming from all over the world, even reported the day before the earthquake in japan and the more appearing chemtrails, will we be microwaved accidentally ? and did anyone else ever hear this stuff before learning of it online ?

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