HAARP?? Iran, Like North Korea, Hit By 6.3 Earthquake Near Nuclear Plant


Was Iran the target of the USA’s  High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) which is located in Alaska ?? This instrument is a “a high-power radio frequency transmitter facility operating in the high frequency (HF) band” which many believe can cause earthquakes. (HAARP on right)

HAARP Iran, Like North Korea, Hit By 6.3 Earthquake Near Nuclear Plant

Just several days ago, on April 05/12, North Korea was also struck by a 6.2 earthquake. At the time of the quake, the closest North Korean city, Aodzhiri, was 37 miles from the quakes center, while the capital city of Pyongyang was about 400 miles away.

As many of you know both Iran and North Korea are two nations who are being pressured and coerced by the Zio-USA to halt their nuclear programs. North Korea already has a nuclear bomb, while Iran does not.

In light of the strong-arm tactics of the USA against these two nations, it is possible that the USA used their HAARP facility as a weapon to create these recent earthquakes in both North Korea and Iran. I’d like to stress this is just my wild guess. (intro mine)

AL JAZEERA  Online News    April 09, 2013

A powerful earthquake has struck close to Iran’s only nuclear power station, killing at least 32 people and injuring 850 more as it devastated small villages, according to state media reports.

Tuesday’s 6.3 magnitude quake totally destroyed one village, a Red Crescent official told the Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA), but the nearby Bushehr nuclear plant was undamaged, according to a local politician and the Russian company that built it.

Many houses in rural parts of the province are made of mud brick, which can easily crumble in a quake. Iran quake

Abdulkarim Jomeiri, a member of parliament for Bushehr, told state media that “the distance between the earthquake focal point  and the Bushehr nuclear power plant was about 80km and, on the basis of the latest information, there has been no damage to the power plant.”

The Russian company that built the nuclear power station, 18km south of Bushehr, also said the plant was unaffected.

“The earthquake in no way affected the normal situation at the reactor. Personnel continue to work in the normal regime and radiation levels are fully within the norm,” Russian state news agency RIA quoted an official at Atomstroyexport as saying.

Full aljazeera article here http://www.aljazeera.com/news/asia/2013/04/201349122759954931.html

N.Korea Source: http://www.allmediany.com/news/7897-62-magnitude-earthquake-strikes-near-north-korea-conspiracy-theorists-blame-haarp


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  1. Straight talker says:

    HAARP is an old school propaganda – it seems that it has been created a provocation and make people hate and kill each other. “Not human being at all” “Evil”

  2. gary says:

    I doubt HAARP could cause earthquakes. But it would not surprise me that some Tesla Scalar Electro Magnetic Generators that are targeted at a particular spot could do this. The theory is that you guide two Scalars and where they intersect you get a “Big Disruption”. And a first pass view of the seismic chart would show that the earthquake wave form does not look natural. Their have been earthquakes around the world that DO NOT have typical wave forms.

    Here’s a place to get some interesting reading on this and many other topics.

    In particular with respect to Scalar EM technology.

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