New Add 2015. Is HAARP remaining used for Intellect Command, Weather MODIFICATION and Weather WARFARE WEAPONS. Dr. Nick Begich discusses his analysis on HAARP and its implications for controlling the climate, effecting the geophysics of the earth and populations, as properly as how we can produce a solid impact for individual and global alter as a result of technological innovation and our very own internal ability.
The principal instrument at HAARP Station is the Ionospheric Analysis Instrument (IRI). This is a superior ability, superior-frequency phased array radio transmitter with a established of 180 antennas, disposed in an array of 12×15 units that occupy a rectangle of about 33 acres (13 hectares). The IRI is used to temporarily energize a small portion of the ionosphere. The analyze of these disturbed volumes yields essential info for being familiar with normal ionospheric processes.

Through lively ionospheric analysis, the sign generated by the transmitter program is delivered to the antenna array and transmitted in an upward route. At an altitude amongst 70 to 350 km (forty three to 217 mi) (based on working frequency), the sign is partially absorbed in a small volume numerous tens of kilometers in diameter and a few meters thick above the IRI. The depth of the HF sign in the ionosphere is fewer than three µW/cm², tens of countless numbers of instances fewer than the Sun’s normal electromagnetic radiation achieving the earth and hundreds of instances fewer than even the normal random variants in depth of the Sun’s normal ultraviolet (UV) power which makes the ionosphere. The small outcomes that are produced, nonetheless, can be observed with the delicate scientific devices set up at the HAARP Station, and these observations can deliver info about the dynamics of plasmas and insight into the processes of photo voltaic-terrestrial interactions.

Each individual antenna element consists of a crossed dipole that can be polarized for linear, standard manner (O-manner), or amazing manner (X-manner) transmission and reception. Each individual element of the two portion crossed dipoles are separately fed from a specifically intended, personalized crafted transmitter, that operates at pretty minimal distortion stages. The Efficient Radiated Electricity (ERP) of the IRI is minimal by much more than a factor of ten at its lessen working frequencies. Considerably of this is owing to higher antenna losses and a fewer effective antenna pattern.

The IRI can transmit amongst 2.7 and ten MHz, a frequency assortment that lies earlier mentioned the AM radio broadcast band and properly underneath Citizens’ Band frequency allocations. The HAARP Station is licensed to transmit only in specified segments of this frequency assortment, nonetheless. When the IRI is transmitting, the bandwidth of the transmitted sign is 100 kHz or fewer. The IRI can transmit in constant waves (CW) or in pulses as brief as ten microseconds (µs). CW transmission is usually used for ionospheric modification, whilst transmission in brief pulses usually repeated is used as a radar program. Scientists can run experiments that use each modes of transmission, first modifying the ionosphere for a predetermined volume of time, then measuring the decay of modification outcomes with pulsed transmissions.

Dr. Nick Begich is the eldest son of the late United States Congressman from Alaska, Nick Begich Sr., and political activist Pegge Begich. He is properly recognized in Alaska for his very own political functions. He was two times elected President of each the Alaska Federation of Lecturers and the Anchorage Council of Instruction. He has been pursuing unbiased analysis in the sciences and politics for most of his adult lifetime. Begich received Doctor of Medicine (Medicina Alternitiva), honoris causa, for unbiased operate in well being and political science, from The Open up Global College for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka, in November 1994.

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22 Responses

  1. I think someone should gather documentation of Electromagnetic Mind Manipulation, Mind Interaction Devices or any such devices interfering, interacting and/or monitoring, of any kind, with natural human brain and/or bodily physiological properties (such as US patents of the devices, domestic and foreign military deployment records and credible private extrasensory equipment sources, or any other credible avenues) and give copies to the U.N., Nato, other established credible governments, credible private entities, the general public and our new President Donald Trump and demand municipal, public, and possibly private, policing of such natural, and synthesized, properties for all humankind. Furthermore, the public must have rightful availability and academic instruction of personal, and private, equipment to monitor harmonious self existence positioning sovereignty and guard and protect onself from intrusion, interference and interactions harmful to ones inalienable natural rights. It is like the right to bare arms. We have a right to how we exist. Life, liberty and happiness. Living long, having high capabilities and saying what brings fullness of joy. Inalienable to each person.

  2. AL-ROD GATOR says:

    Satanic experiments on humanity is TREASON.

  3. dan studer says:

    all that, to reveal nothing

  4. Glen Hancock says:


  5. People really do now live in a state of fear. We do not need conflict. We must work together to accomplish greatness.it must be terribly hard to run a whole country within an entire world and I understand that. How is killing all of us going to make everything better? If we do ever move into space there will be no population to populate new places. People must work together and LOVE EACH OTHER! Some of us are not just looking for free handouts… We want to work to continue a beautiful society that could grow into outer space and flourish. I am just begging the military, the police, and the governmental elite. If you are going to kill me at least launch me into space to try to populate somewhere else instead of just blowing my head off. I am begging you elite, please change how you think of us. I know your jobs are very difficult. Please realize that we work hard as well to create our society. God loves us all. Even the people who do very evil things. They make mistakes like everyone else. Some people on government Are true freedom fighters. I tip my hat to you. I do not want to live in fear and no one else does either. We are terrified.please help us rather than hurt us. There are people that WILL work and have worked to make a good society. God please help us all.

  6. Elite please do not kill us all. We are not all lazy pieces of trash taking up space on YOUR Earth.

  7. Is HAARP causing all the earthquakes floods volcanoes and all the other bad weather?

  8. We already have a magnetosphere. This was found dude took God's idea and said if was his.

  9. Billybob Sue says:

    so thats why holes are appearing all over

  10. DouglasGT 6 says:

    you cant change the world the God made it and you change it? why? God made you and u will change the world that was so rude… u didnt see in the bible u didnt read i read the 10 conmandment and the son of god. why u will change th world pls read all the bible. ^_°

  11. Sandra Orr says:

    god did not make this planet . and god did not make me my mum and dad did . religen is wot the goverment use to keep control off the poperlation . can people not see that . i can

  12. Sandra Orr says:

    why do we put up with this shit from the goverment . because we can not fight them off you look like a nutter when you say things about the goverment thay dont like it when people start to see wots going on . its real bad

  13. 54? He must be one of those elites.

  14. Use orgone technology against HAARP that uses denatured radium and malachite mineral crystals placed inside an orgone 3-sided tetrahedron pyramid technology.

  15. Mary Poole says:

    HAARP and the Geoengineering Deniers?

  16. jobod92 says:

    I just wish people didn't feel the need to put inane distracting musak all the way through their videos.

  17. Naomi Scott says:

    He didn't lie when he says Angels don't play this HAARP!!

  18. Scarlet Vamp says:

    read the old book from the 1970's "The Ion Effect" not always easy to find because, I believe it's out of print. All concerns valid research done by various scientists prior to WW2 And picked up again many years after. The insight into why we say" We're feeling under the weather or "An ill winds blowing". In 1972 University of Berkeley Dr. Albert P. Krueger a microbiologist & a Chairman of the dept of bacteriology and medical pathologist began to realise how bacteria could be affected by negative ions
    and how easily disease could bloom beyond the normal rate when exposed to them. Many communist bloc nations realised
    the potential Ionization could have in military applications as early as the late 1940's. Dr. Sulman (From the School of Applied Pharmacology) began studying the then newly discovered neuro-hormone serotonin considered a downer to norepinephrine one of the bodys uppers a relative of adrenaline. Interestingly, the World Health Organization And World Meteorological Organization got together to study these emerging sciences and how in areas of the world like California the Santa Ana winds,
    Germany The Foehn, Western Canada The Chinook, in the middle East around Israel the Sharav and in France the Mistral all
    known as bitter or witches winds because, of their ability to dramatically increase the amount of accident's, suicides, murders
    violence in general, to such a degree hospitals in Germany scheduled surgeries around it due to lower sucess rates when the Foehn was blowing in from the mountains… The Department of Agriculture scientists did study's and found that seedlings rate
    of growth could be radically affected one way or the other by Ion's. So, basically everyone's benefitted from this information but,
    the information was used not to help "us" the public as was intended originally but, to cause health and weather problems to stir
    up Violence, increase suicides, murders and even the rate of miscarriages. The research it seems done early on by most of these people it seems was with the intent to help but, whether by design, for the love of money or stolen has obviously been
    used against us…

  19. He really didn't say much about HAARP.

  20. jessie james says:

    HAARP is killing millions of animals and plants. People too…HAARP is killing the earth,God made it good and man is trying to change it…You can not improve on perfection…God will return soon…

  21. Fact is not conspiracy. I love it when people say oh those conspiracy theorists. If its a fact then it is not a conspiracy. So many people are so busy, they just don't stop and question anything. No one ever wonders why, you have to work, so hard, "now 68 years till you can retire", for barely surviving comfortably with your little square house and your little square piece of land. There are so many resources for everyone. There are greedy evil people in this world it is a fact fact!

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