Had a break ♡ Follow Me Day


239 having a break, reading some books (information below ) , cute new Sunnies and more! YESTERDAY : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXJYkCneDeI ultimate beauty …


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  1. Danielle H says:

    that outfit with the sunnies, grey top and white shorts, GIRL! Dayum, you rocked that. You look good in all your outfits but that one just looked so amazing on you ?

  2. Danielle H says:

    Has anyone tried the esalon products before and know if they're any good??

  3. Jaimee White says:

    Can you please let us know if that lip plumper actually works, I've been wanting to try that one so I would love to hear your opinion first ?

  4. Gabriela Paz says:

    Looooove your vlogs Shannon!! ♡
    Are you watching the American version of The Killing?

  5. Shannon definitely upload that makeup for the 21st birthday! It looked gorgeous, as always :') Love you, glad you had a nice cosy sunday off 🙂 xx

  6. When will the collab videos with Adelaine be up?

  7. Shae Green says:

    I wanted to know what you had in your Subways ?

  8. Haiiii!!! Sorry if you've answered this before but is XoBeauty cruelty free? Trying to get more into vegan/cruelty free brands & I really want to try yours :)

  9. Ordered your brushes! Cant wait to get them! xoxoxo

  10. Ruby Smith says:

    1:02 to 1:06 ish does not sound like her at all.

  11. Kayla Allen says:

    I literally wear those K mart shoes everywhere! love them and they are so cheap.

  12. Aimee Burch says:

    you deserve a day off just like everyone else right

  13. I hate the orange and white bits in my muffin breaks too there sooo gross

  14. you should watch suits. it's soo damn good!!

  15. raecat90 says:

    I am going through a reading phase too. I go through times where I read non stop haha

  16. steph lynn says:

    Hey Shannon could u do a video or post about your b12 shot/ experience? Why u get them, how they make a difference , everything? just because I'm in a similar situation and I'm nervous about it because I don't know much ! Thank u xoxo?

  17. Are the sunglasses Quay Cherry Bomb rose gold? I love them :)

  18. I love your sunnies <3

  19. saraahkd_ says:

    ah 239 vlogs so amazin to know I've watched all of them and loved every single one :)

  20. Shannon no one works 7 days (and stays sane) you need to take a break !! ?

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