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L’Amee Celeste (the Heavenly Military) is a Haitian spiritual cult. I acknowledge right in this article and now that I have not observed most of what I will describe in this essay. Outsiders are not normally equipped to see all the procedures of the Heavenly Military simply because of the secretiveness of the motion. It is also necessary to notice that the procedures inside the motion may differ from team to team. It is not a standardized set of procedures and beliefs, but there are numerous areas that all of the groups seem to integrate.

Some will be outraged that the Heavenlies groups are explained as a merger of Pentecostal and Voudou procedures. Some will not want any outsider descriptions at all. Component of this is from the Haitian society, which is enigmatic (as properly as a society of imitation, survival and animism). An enigmatic society does not want to be comprehended totally by outsiders. So, the Heavenly Military motion is one thing Haitian, and the Haitians do not want it to be comprehended. It is their own, and they want to keep it for themselves.

So, how do I know about L’Amee Celeste? I’ve invested adequate time in Haiti that I’ve created a community of mates who trust me adequate to notify me about numerous matters Haitian which includes the Heavenly Military. These information about the Heavenly Military are for that reason anecdotal instead than confirmed and observed information.

As in numerous cults, the Heavenly Military groups use robes to discover their trustworthy. Most of these who use robes pick out blue robes. It is a place that requirements to be built that in a country as inadequate as Haiti, any revenue they have is much better wanted for food items and requirements instead than costumes. On the other hand, to be reasonable, people today who show up at Protestant church buildings also feel the need to “costume up” in Sunday clothing. Footwear, trousers (or a costume) without having holes, and a white shirt are also an expense for the inadequate in Haiti. It seems that faith is generally expensive for the inadequate.

The Armee Celeste makes use of native songs instead than translation church songs from The united states and other cultural Christian groups. This is a departure from classic Christianity in Haiti.

I’ve overlooked to make this place: Haitians are swift and potent to say that the Heavenly motion is Haitian! This is claimed in a way to enable outsiders know that they do not believe that they need to protect the Heavenly Military. And, element of what makes the Heavenly Military uniquely Haitian is the songs. Outsiders may well want to make the relationship among this songs and Voudou, but the leaders of the motion will reply (if they care to reply) that it is just a Haitian expression of their religion in God.

I am informed that the pastors (leaders) typically activate the Holy Spirit in the women of all ages adherents by touching their genitals. I am informed that from time to time a person is healed by hitting the ill person with sticks.

What I now for confident is that the just one time I frequented a L’Amee Celeste team, the pastor identified as me to the platform, as would have transpired in any Protestant church in Haiti. And, even though I was there, I did not see the excellent procedures that I have been informed about. This is the key rationale why I feel relaxed in declaring that they do not care to show their Haitian uniqueness to outsiders.

Or, potentially I’ve been provided inaccurate facts by my Haitian mates. All matters are probable in Haiti.


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