Has the “Conspiracy” Trigger Word Finally Run Its Course?

Bernie Suarez
Hollywood calls it jumping the shark, it’s that moment when all has been done and peak has been obtained. The point when the beginning of the end has just begun. The journey of the word “conspiracies” and the phrase “conspiracy theory” has reached its glory days. The trigger word worked for a while. For long we were led to believe that if someone was accused of being a conspiracy theorist they were automatically wrong and automatically a lunatic.
Has the Conspiracy Trigger Word Finally Run Its Course

Not proven wrong or proven a  lunatic, but simply wrong and lunatic. Remember those days?

Yes, I’m aware this thinking still exists today, but didn’t it lose some of its intensity over the last few years? Thankfully, the percentage of humanity that reasons this way is slowly and progressively diminishing. How do I know? All of us are hardwired for survival. That’s right, regardless of what your experience and personal views and opinions may be, all of us are naturally inclined toward survival. We naturally detect danger and run away from it to protect ourselves from that danger.

Because of this, I believe those who still believe mainstream media news must confront their own vulnerability. If they believe government, then they believe what they are being told. They are being told that ISIS is everywhere. That ISIS is mighty and they will soon be showing up in your city to blow you up unless government can save you.

Mainstream media believers will internalize this narrative and their brains will process this information as if it were actually true and real. Their perception of their world now is actually physiologically influenced by this artificial narrative. The artificial narrative should be examined only in terms of what desired result it is intended to induce. Seeing the connection between the (artificial mainstream media-engineered) narrative and the resulting physical manifestations witnessed and physically observed by humanity is the essence of the global awakening of humanity we are all anticipating.
This connecting of the dots is the consciousness shift that humanity is in the process of. With the connecting of the dots comes the realization that humanity is one species. We have various expressions and ideas, we use our upper brains to cognitively and intellectually work out solutions to problem. Connecting the dots allows us to see that this ability to strategize using multiple universal languages made us (humans) the dominant animal on the planet. The dominant trait knew no end, however. A very small percentage of the species unfortunately fantasizes about killing off the rest of the species and enjoying their own selfish lives at the expense of most of their own species. Connecting the dots allows us to see that this essentially uncontrolled greed and hatred ultimately became what we know today as the global elite, or controlling class, or government, or the powers-that-be.

This controlling segment, however, has now exhausted their grand global psychological strategy for taking over the world by waging an endless war on terror. Humanity has watched them repeat the same script over and over. Repeated strategies against humanity with predictable politically motivated reactions to supposed un-orchestrated random events.

Herein lies the breakpoint. For those still believing mainstream media news, their minds and the essence of who they are is challenged with every story. Deep down you realize the mainstream media narrative is getting more and more difficult to not only believe but to actively justify. One must be focused on not responding to challenges. One must be committed to dodging and ducking any facts that are presented that contradict the stated government narrative, all the while believing whatever plausible government narrative the mainstream media puts out.

The mainstream media believers thus find themselves having to patch (or ignore) a lot of mental ‘rational’ holes. So whether it’s 9/11’s explosion and fireproof passports, or whether it’s JFK’s magic bullet, or Iraq’s WMDs, the Bin Laden death hoax, or the recent ISIS creation, those hypnotized on mainstream media news have to go fast asleep and pay no mind, or keep working overtime to rationalize these government narratives.

This process of rationalizing to support the government and mainstream media narrative, I strongly believe, is now slowly dying out. More specifically, it is known that when put under stress the average human will change how they think so as to focus only on what is most important. With this knowledge about how humans react to stress, it is clear to see that regardless of whether someone believes mainstream media news, their views will slowly change if they are subject to abject poverty or feel exposed to extreme danger.

Example: It is clear that the police state has not made America safer but scarier. It is clear that any war on terror ends with loss of liberty, a scarier America, endless war, increased surveillance, increased government secrecy, a violent police state and so on. All of this is cause for anyone to feel in danger of survival. When police and armed federal thugs are pointing guns at you, you might not care so much about mainstream media news anymore. This just might trigger a change of views and perceptions as would not having a job or money to buy food.

For better or for worse, this is the road humanity is on now. Ultimately everyone (except that small percentage of self-destructive control freaks) will want to run from not just mainstream media and government paradigms but from any control paradigm that threatens your perceived existence. In the end it’s about survival and consciousness, and all government paradigms will be washed away one way or another.

As we progress through the new chapter of the globalist plans marked by the post-ISIS creation era, the control system is now expanding the use of their trigger phrase “conspiracy theories” to apply to entire countries. In this recent case, mainstream media accused the country of Iraq of “conspiracy theories” because knowledge of ISIS’ creation is very disseminated in Iraq. Nature is at work, open (not hidden) knowledge is spreading. The knowledge is “hidden” ONLY to the U.S. Western-Zionist media. It is wide open knowledge to the rest of the world (think about that). The proper spreading of this common knowledge is however now deemed “conspiracy theories” even at the large-scale level of human consciousness and awareness. How can this be? Remember the globalists have no consciousness.

The sanity of many Americans rides on the PERCEPTION that their perception of the world is the “primary” perception or the only perception that counts. This egocentric misfiring or misunderstanding of their own perception of life is in itself a strong and unwavering form of psychosis being manifested amongst us in real-time. This psychosis identified by the inability to see the world outside of one owns narrow perspective (the globalist new world order domination plans), is what we are seeing at the level of the control system which I’ll call the controlling class.

This controlling class is suffering from a ‘runaway’ psychosis without consequences. Humanity is waiting for a breakpoint; a shift in consciousness that will allow a cascade of positive events that are expected to push back on this psychosis. Humanity can observe that its existence is now threatened in multiple ways (Ebola, ISIS, police state corruption, open borders, private mercenary police, wars, etc.)

In summary, humanity or mass human consciousness is thus being ambushed by at least two major forces.

  1. The perceived threat to its existence which is an inevitable direct or indirect (side) effect of both the reality of what is happening and the government-engineered narrative designed to prolong the war on terror consistent with their PNAC plans.
  2. The increasingly complex mainstream media-government narratives and the increasingly burdensome mental stress of having to come up with the rationale to defend these narratives against the rational sincere arguments of others.

The stress on humanity generated by government lies is an invisible force which is difficult to measure. With entire nations now accused of “conspiracy theories” we can now say we’re seeing the beginning of the end for this phrase. The phrase was first utilized by CIA in their report to government officials following the JFK murders. The CIA thought it was important to dismiss doubters of the JFK government narrative as “conspiracy theorists.” That was the plan then. Today the word has been used as religion by the mainstream media. Humanity has now observed for decades how the phrase gets inserted into a story ONLY when the topic is part of the new world order agenda.

Everything else (not related to exposing the new world order) is properly considered another opinion, or an allegation, or an opposing view, a piece of breaking news, a counter claim or something along these lines.

Example: Opposing the observed murder of dolphins in a certain country is a concern or a political position, or a claim, an allegation, a complaint or something similar. Opposing the observed carrying out of Agenda 21, on the other hand, is a “conspiracy theory”. Both issues are in the wide open. Both issues are supported by some, and opposed by others. So why is one a counter position and the other a “conspiracy theory”? Because the CIA says so. Essentially the Intelligence that controls government narratives decides ahead of time what will be labeled “conspiracy theory” and what will not.

That is the lesson in all of this. Knowing and seeing the irrational use of the term “conspiracy theories” and moving forward to a new consciousness. Hey, guess what? Humanity is also coded for moving on. We get tired of things and make choices to move on.

So given all the tension humanity is under, isn’t it about time humanity moves on from the phrase “conspiracy theories”? The word comes from the word, to ‘conspire’ which is when two or more people get together to commit an evil act. At the root is the concept, however, is this meaning:
“Any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.”

This meaning of conspiracy focuses on the root of agreeing on a plan. Fact is that nothing government does is not agreed to or thought out. The basic act of agreeing or conspiring is actually a very normal part of who we are as humans. We are made to conspire together given the right opportunity. Humans are social beings. Clearly the globalists conspire with each other; why would they not? It’s perfectly natural to do so. What side of humanity, morality, dignity, and honor you are when you conspire is another story. Although it is not the intended use of the word in modern days, people CAN conspire to do good if they want. The problem is not the natural act of conspiring, the problem is that those conspiring are not conspiring for the good of humanity.

Is this too scary a reality for you to face? ISIS is portrayed as pretty scary and so is Ebola and other government scare tactics. Humanity is watching the pendulum swinging the other way. It senses survival first, government stories second. This suggests that soon enough everyone will get it except those who chose their sides long ago. As times get harder and humanity continues to awaken to the control system’s oppression over it, we will continue to observe tools, phrases, trigger words, old narratives, and entire memes slowly fade away.

We were told long ago. Times change, people change, everything must change. Change is what keeps us alive. The global government control system is based on an unchanging system – you are ALWAYS a slave to them. Nothing ever changes in their world. Currently, everything is changing for the worse. That unchanging state of ‘worsening of things’ is the very thing, however, that is waking up more people. It is ironies like these that give us hope. Hope we should not let go of.
Read more at http://www.activistpost.com/2014/09/has-conspiracies-trigger-word-finally.html#y3wziW2ramIuMrtj.99

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