Hated Sylvester Stallone , Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone


Jimmy talks about his film The Expendables 3 and when auditioning for the first Star Wars movie . Subscribe now to The Tonight …


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  1. Chuck Norris says:

    that photo is missing something….

  2. Kenny Ken says:

    Mel's Pic … looks like he was trollin' a thousand Jews there…..so intense

  3. Ghost81 says:

    That group picture is so much photo composition it hurts to look at. Just like the movie.

  4. Jose Antonio says:

    Dammn Stallone is a little fella

  5. hahahha Sylvester Stallone is so funny!

  6. dixceli says:

    Carl Weathers!

  7. Dr. Berlim says:

    stallone é um bosta.

  8. Sorry. I'm team Arnold

  9. Don Winslow says:

    "Last night, I went out honky tonkin'….." LOL

  10. fornow100000 says:

    can this guy take any more botox? Didnt he start as a porn star

  11. fornow100000 says:

    he looks like a rosted pig. Why is his skin so red???

  12. MrMykillc4 says:

    Mel Gibson will beat every man in that room senseless in real life!

  13. I am a fan of you sylvester stallone

  14. 'Guys from space don't have a face like this…'
    I'd bet folding money that they look closer to Stallone than any normal looking individual

  15. Dj Pashmak says:

    omg master, love him.

  16. sky stryker says:

    The most Italian look ever. Besides Frankie Valli

  17. Sylvester Stallone is hilarious!

  18. I'm just a kid with bucked teeth but I remember walking out of Rocky I and seeing all the greasy dagos wearing wife beaters and stinking with Polo cologne.

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