HBO Boxing News: Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley Las Vegas Arrivals


Subscribe to the HBO Boxing YouTube channel: Fans cheered on Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley as they arrived at the …


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  1. Let's Go Manny Pacman Pacquiao! !! Go Pinoy Pride

  2. Rishi Dhokia says:

    Lets go Champ..!!

  3. Clymax01 says:

    Hopefully we see a good fight

  4. Hbo we family for life

  5. First of all I want to thank god.Bob arum my promoter and Freddy reach.I want to thank hbo and the hot ring calls.Bradley is a great fighter and April 9 will be a good fight,I just want to give the fans an exciting fight.Thank you.

  6. I want to thank al Haymond and golden boy promotions

  7. mykool2k7 says:

    Rigged upset incoming

  8. The scar under Manny's eye is gonna get opened up in the fight.

  9. Abdullah Ali says:

    has everyone forgot he was using roids?

  10. dels pugs says:

    hey bradley dont talk too much ok

  11. dels pugs says:

    go manny we will pray for u get him down and his thick ass

  12. elvy te meto says:

    this black dude is gonna get fucked up

  13. Cheat Sheet? , You'll get caught Bradley

  14. Bradley beats Manny then Floyd vs Bradley gets made

  15. beat the shit outta him Manny gives him his biggest payday and he talks shit saying he didn't think his shoulder was hurt what a dick move and Manny had surgery on his fake injury

  16. call me crazy… but i think this fight is gonna be the END of manny boxing career.

  17. Jursi Pesons says:

    i bet floydy will gonna watch everytime pac fights cuz he will not get bored lol xD

  18. Bradley would do 1000x better if he stops getting injured every fight. Let's see what happens.

  19. why do Bob Arum constantly keep having in house rematch after rematch.Oh I know why,so he can keep all the money for himself.Manny and Bradley need to be fighting hot names like Danny Garcia Shawn porter and Kieth Thurman.Manny shouldn't have never resign with top rank.Bob Arum is 80 + years old and worth over 200 mil,so why is he still in boxing.ICE CUBE SAID IT BEST "GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY"

  20. Wah Ehl says:

    bradley resemblance to a mongoloid person…

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