Hearts of Iron 4 – AI ONLY – World War II 1939 [HOI4 Gameplay] Part 4


Hearts of Iron 4 AI ONLY Gameplay [1939 start of World War 2] HOI4 on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/394360/ Hearts of Iron 4 description from …


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  1. Joe Mc says:

    Really enjoying this series

  2. 1974th inches in your mums fat ass.

  3. lanson derek says:

    Doesn't make much historical sense that Moscow is worth 50 victory points. The idea the Soviets would have fallen if Moscow had is quite baseless. Not to say it was important but I think 20 or 25 would be a fairer number.

    All railroads government and industry had been evacuated they were prepared to burn the city down. Something you would not do if it was absolutely vital.

  4. Manza says:

    That North Korea in the beginning hahah

  5. MrNike2301 says:

    Damn this game is fucking interesting

  6. Can you show the different division layouts for each of the major countries in the war?

  7. Drew, How did you not notice that the Italians have taken Cairo and Suez @ 12:09? That's almost as big a deal as the Brits losing Gibraltar.

  8. Found this channel a couple of weeks ago, and I'm really surprised at the rate these videos are going out. Keep up the great work, Drew!

  9. Leon Reddick says:

    A Greek invasion of Italy? I do nazi that happening…

  10. Niels Manten says:

    Why am I rooting for the Germans? lol

  11. The German soviet border = almost straight line

  12. Can someone explain to me why British Raj is the only colony in the world to not be part of the mother nation?

  13. Quel says:

    Looks at Romania "How are the Balkan states holding on?"

  14. Austin Ford says:

    why am I rooting for the germans im a jew

  15. Visof says:

    I'm a bit new to HOI (not EU4), do the USA actually do anything?

  16. 88BlueBear88 says:

    can you customize the countries in this game

  17. pafnus says:

    pls looks production lines..

  18. Small red numbers means the battle is about to be lost. Big green numbers mean the battle is about to be won. I'm not sure if that's the case in this version but it is in the release. In other words, big number good, small number bad. Green good, red bad. Yellow… Meh

  19. Jevon James says:

    If only Germany solidified that USSR alliance

  20. Switzerland didn't join the Allies in this campaign out of choice, it was automatically forced too when Germany declared war. Most nations (i.e. Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, etc) are only in the war because Germany invaded them, not because they wanted to join the Allies.

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