Hearts of Iron 4 – AI ONLY – World War II 1939 [HOI4 Gameplay] Part 5


Hearts of Iron 4 AI ONLY Gameplay [1939 start of World War 2] HOI4 on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/394360/ Hearts of Iron 4 description from …


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  1. germnany will win. : (??

  2. why does he keep saying Italy is not doing well in Africa when they are winning every battle??

  3. He was looking at Germany when he said the USA had troops in Africa

  4. Kutchi Man 3 says:

    Hearts of Iron is so cool, I need to find more of these vids.

  5. JohnSP26 says:

    USSR is doing what they did in real life to Germany in the war, just throw bodies at the problem.

  6. He was in China's pov when he said the japs were losing.

  7. Pie says:

    Make sure you know what country you're looking as, the Germans have 200 devisions in Africa not the US

  8. Austin King says:

    1664th viewer

  9. Italy is losing as they have control over all of Egypt, good work drew

  10. Dovahkiin says:

    i just watched a HOI 4 timelapse

    The japs were in finland

    D-day happend on Crimea

    Sweden became a major power aka pewdiepie was born

    Sweden and the USA fucked the germans in the ass


  11. How much does this game cost and what platforms can you get it on?

  12. 1881st viewer so close to 1st damn maybe next time

  13. Chuela Jr says:

    I am so proud that you pronounced La Mancha correctly, good job Cracklord!

  14. JKWayne says:

    at this point the crack lord is just a crackgod

  15. Cj Marion says:

    I think the cracklord has evolved from just pronouncing things wrong to saying the wrong things about what's happening for example Italy is doing amazing in north Africa drew

  16. Sean Mast says:

    You're so American Drew.

  17. Madijeis 43 says:

    Can you use a little bit more the air mapmode?

  18. Crack Lord at it in this vid

  19. Leon Reddick says:

    Love how the video starts on Christmas Day!

  20. luke venis says:

    you can get in front of time with technology but that is just way to hard to do

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