Hearts of Iron 4 – Soviet Union 1936 Gameplay [HOI4 World War 2] Part 4 – Spain Divided


Hearts of Iron 4 Soviet Union Gameplay [1936 start of World War 2] HOI4 on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/394360/ Hearts of Iron 4 description from …


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  1. Pathea1 says:

    Move your troops in Spain! Volunteers!

  2. Jan Mikeš says:

    Its nice from you, that you have sended troops, but you have to fight with them :D

  3. Visof says:

    would you say HOI4 is worth the money?

  4. Tankvin L says:

    do longer you baster

  5. Drew, do something with your volunteers!!!! They are just standing doing nothing in Valencia!!!!!!

  6. Iain Goldie says:

    I honestly can't watch this video when his volunteer army is sitting doing nothing

  7. Gonzalo Diaz says:

    Its like the game randomly decides between the communist and the democratic republican Spain right? Because ive seen both in different gameplays

  8. so frustrating to see se his troop in spain u_u

  9. Chris Lee says:

    please control your volunteer divisions drew

  10. Move your troops in Barcelona and actually get them in the fight in Spain…. My suggestion go for the Nationalist capital for those victory points. Otherwise the Republicans will lose.

  11. Please move your Spanish volunteers… I'm dying over here

  12. is Russia biggest Oil reserves in the world. nah we need synthetic oil

  13. Why the fu*k did you not move your troops in Spain

  14. Time 4 Tom says:

    Your volunteers are doing nothing?

  15. Drew i have a tip for you: Bunch up a whole bunch of civilian factories like 20 or so. You can always put your special projects on top of the list and there is no negative to queing them up. If you ever forget about it you won't have any idle time because they will work on the civilian factories.

  16. Why do I think paradox might release a DLC called ' The Wrath of Gandhi' (Civ 5 players will get the gandhi reference ).?

  17. QuashQai says:


  18. Oscar Moyer says:


  19. You have to command your volunteers yourself.

  20. was I the only one screaming at the computer screen telling him to use his units in Spain?

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