Hearts of Iron IV Germany Wins World War 2 Let’s Play 17


Let’s Play Hearts of Iron IV as Germany and show the world what Germany can do with a little bit of ‘foresight’ into future events. Consider supporting me on …


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  1. you should make the Bismark

  2. Brock W says:

    Arumba, you will not be needing the suppression for long because when you peace out of WW2, you will full annex and there will be no resistance, much like Hungary. Just keep that in mind when making the amounts of Calvary that you are.

  3. Arumba SPG stands for Self Propelled Gun. Those are your Grilles.

  4. daoteng Lim says:

    Nice. Arumba has improved so much since I last watched. The first few episodes were so painful to watch as he is simply going through the motion without any thinking nor enjoyment.

  5. One does not simply disagree with rommel that is how hitler lost world war 2.

  6. Where is Arumba from?

  7. Storm Hanson says:

    is in a land where enemy navies patrol, doesn't put planes on naval strike to stop invasion instead uses 24 troops to stop naval invasion good job

  8. hmmpf, I think you should keep it at eu4, this is a bit to complicated

  9. Herr Flick says:

    By far the biggest derp of this episode was to order strategic bombing of the province you are about to invade, that destroys the infrastructure, thereby gimping your armies ability to advance, not to mention why destroy your soon to be owned factories and stuff.

    Also If your making the police units, you should change their template not to use the new infantry equipment, they wont need the newest and best guns, old stocks will be good enough.

  10. Dislike from the first minute. Who declares war and THEN starts planning and organizing troops? Genius! 10/10 commander! Excellent! I just hate all hoi 4 YouTube streamers. How could they be so ignorant?

  11. Goldenself says:

    "Erwin Rommel, I think you're a pansy" QOTD

  12. Goldenself says:

    Arumba don't let people get you down, you didn't know anything about the history at play in the other games either at first, but your mechanics focused approach often turns up surprising strategies. I know both in this game and EU4 I had too many preconceptions on what would or wouldn't work based on history.

  13. Kuurczak says:

    You really improved a lot, and one can actually hear it in your voice that you enjoy the game more. Can't wait for Polish campaign!

  14. "Why is general Claudio attacking?" I cracked up XD

  15. Glad to see that you are learning more and enjoying your play through!

  16. Yay! Rommel get's to try again for the Suez! This time he'll take it for sure! Will that have a massive effect game play wise on the UK since they won't be getting men and materiel from their colonies in India and Australia?

  17. Hypoo says:

    Kanonenvogel? Cannonbird? Germans sure were imaginative with their names.

  18. The Bob says:

    Arumba they are not moving immediately because all of their troops aren't there yet think of t logically. Are going to want to make a push into a hostile area (unprotected or otherwise) without your entire army at your back?

  19. Ian Heald says:

    This campaign would have been much more interesting if Arumba did the national focuses in substitution of just conquest.

  20. I think the high attrition is from the number of divisions. One of the reasons the AI did not think that it could win, was its unwillingness to over stack, as you did.

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