Hearts of Iron IV Germany Wins World War 2 Let’s Play 23


collapsable unit lines in build queue, reorder them at will ability to move generals from their current position at the bottom of the screen allow airplanes to be …


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  1. Arumba you need to use you're Stuka in France and do Naval Strike

  2. You need to bomb the english channel so you can gain naval superiority

  3. ayy lmao says:

    You're gona need a bunch of paratroopers to take england. So get on that. Naval invasion will fail if there is even one division stationed at the tile you're invading. Unless the invading forces are shitloads of marines. I droped 20 paratroopers on a empty coastal slot, and then attacked with thema nd took a naval base, And just ferried over the rest of the army the normal way. This was after almost 15 nukes droped over England =D Nukes dont kill divisions or population thou. Just damages buildings and infrastructure. Strangely enugh.

  4. Peter Banks says:

    I keep thinking arumba has won and than I realize he hasn't fought the USSR yet….

  5. mike salmon says:

    so 1 note you don't own any of the stuff you took over yet! until the war is totally over anything you took that was part of the main war you won't get till that has finished. you will have so many points based on your participation in the war and then there will be a round robin with your allies on who wants what at the end of all that anything more than one party wants the computer will decide who gets it.

    what this means is don't upgrade things you don't own too much or you will have to fight over it come the end of the war and may not get it in the round robin.

    Oh yeah you added rocket artillery to your mountain troops but didn't set your production to make any

  6. +Arumba also add the ability to make your armies more aggressive. E.g. Stances defensive aggressive normal

  7. An interwar bomber is bomber from between world wars 1 and 2.

  8. Love the vids, but can u make this series longer live 45 min?

  9. Mr. Waffles says:

    Conquer America

  10. redarrows 3 says:

    you need to take over Gibraltar because your navy are going around the whole of africa just to get to the med

  11. How are your people communicating with each other? Smoke signals? Hand paddles?

  12. Konsaki says:

    BGM is kinda high… sorta drowning out your voice.

  13. Chris Moreno says:

    arumba you have radar everywhere but at level 1 do old radars you need to reassurance better radar and since you are winning the battle of britian MAKE PARATROOPERS

  14. doobied456 says:

    how ironic he's a master (goldenboy) of paradox games until this one. No doubt he'll eventually figure it out but i can only imagine how embarrassing this is for him since he's such a pro at CK2 – but this isn't CK2 even though he's trying to play it like that.

  15. Dking says:

    hover over the naval invasion arrows to see why they are not going not the arrow on the map but the one you press for it to go

  16. It's too bad he hasn't researched anything into strategic bombers for his strategic bombing missions.

  17. Man, turn your music down a little. A little hard to hear you sometimes.

  18. You've probably figured it out by now but the sound effect is a motor trying to start but it can't. This indicates you're low/out of supply somewhere. In this case it's South Africa.

  19. Watching Arumba flail at games like this has been the primary cause for me to buy them, because I wanna see what it's like when you do something right. xD For instance: looking right at where he's building tactical bombers, saying he's not building any, and queueing up two more sets of newer bombers while still producing the old ones. Or wondering why his tactical bombers are only 70% efficient at strategic bombing.

  20. @Arumba

    Why do you don't user your ace pilots? Click on the ace symbol and assign them!

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