Hearts of Iron IV Germany Wins World War 2 Let’s Play 5


Let’s Play Hearts of Iron IV as Germany and show the world what Germany can do with a little bit of ‘foresight’ into future events. Consider supporting me on …


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  1. i simply love how you think outside the box and how you play this game.

  2. Isn't throwing the factories around like that detrimental? Because you lose all the efficiency you had? Wouldn't you want to keep most, if not all, of them always working on the same sort of thing?

  3. Arumba, your not understanding the tank variant screen. If you create the tank with good soft attack, its a replacement for your Towed Artillery. Likewise the Flakpanzers replace AA guns and the hard attack variant replaces Towed Anti tank guns. The idea is the more of your division you motorise the faster it will travel.

  4. Rellana1 says:

    I don't think Spain will join you yet. Don't you need to take Gibraltar from the UK before they will join the Axis?

  5. kampf means battle in german so your panzerkampfwagen won't camp ;)

  6. Hyde Hill says:

    Seems you can have 1 "free" war before they start guaranteeing independence. I am thinking Norway so then you don't have to worry about the British navy and can then pincer Denmark and Sweden once the world war starts.

  7. panzerstationwagen is wrong. Kampfen is fighting, ein kampf is a fight/battle. So its more something like panzerbattlewagen. It annoys me, i am sorry.

  8. jimbo allen says:

    @Arumba you have a part of land in africa

  9. Escaflowne says:

    if u have the option to force 2 claims…why go for just one?

  10. Mathias S says:

    9:46 Should we just try to.. Just attack denmark? -Arumba
    Feel so sad as a dane now. But would fight for the fatherland, so just take it haha

  11. Oi! You should've tried converting the Panzer II production line to Panzer III's. You lose considerably less efficiency when switching from the same KIND of product i.e. tank to tank, plane to plane, etc.

  12. Murica Will be Nazi before WW2

  13. The grille was such a good artillery piece against tanks and artillery because the caliber of the shell it fired was huge. Artillery and tanks have light armor on the top so if the grille where to hit it could cause serious damage.

  14. I want a panzer station wagon. Perfect for a Christmas vacation.

  15. dont cancel your assembly lines, click on the line and change the production. You get to keep some line efficiency.

  16. rafael reis says:

    you should trade with brazil this is history

  17. Janis says:

    Hahaha you pronounced it hilarious.. the way you pronounced it it mean "sweatpoint" in german, whatever that is ^^

  18. Lethal says:

    you called Australia Austria………..

  19. Tom May says:

    I'm Polish you bastard 😀 Leave my country alone 😛 Thanks for upload ;)

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