Hearts of Iron IV – “World War Wednesday” – Single Player Japan


The first campaign in HoI4 is over, but that does not mean that we’re done with World War Wednesday. In this episode Jake and Daniel play as Japan in a single …


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  1. Vlad Singer says:

    Its a shame, that people changed slow game for a fast in the middle of play….can anyone suggest me videos to watch a learn this game? not HoIIII. Really, how do You want to drag new players, without some slower (for dumb) stuff….cmon Paradox, You can do better .)

  2. Kaptem says:

    With this and stellaris I will have so much fun.

  3. So why does this need 1024MB VRAM and not 512MB

  4. They should make that if you make battle plans ahead of time the enemy depending on their espionage level and yours could discover your plans and get a defense bonus or something

  5. I assume chromium is used to give your armoured vehicles sick rims.

  6. rofl0rblades says:

    Like this if you organised your Fleets in past HOI games exactly as shown here :)

  7. Republican spain as a communist dictatorship since the begining of the war? Where are your historical advisors?

  8. Klanny says:

    At least they have the option to turn off the day-night transition. When I first saw it made me want to vomit.

  9. Ben Schwab says:

    why is
    -Hitler's face censored
    -Nazi Germany called the German Reich
    -there no swastika on the flag.

    Stop it, Paradox. fix this.

  10. Joe McCarthy says:

    It's one thing too not show the symbols of Nazi Germany, but hiding Adolf Hitler's face? Jesus, Paradox, it's not like he needs to be given the Muhammad treatment.

  11. Блять! Когда выпустят на Русском? Russian?

  12. Will there be preorder on steam*???

  13. Illyrien says:

    Would be great with a popup warning about another country joining the war

  14. "How long has that been in the game?"
    "Since day one."

  15. WinterXL says:

    somehow moobs seem quite appropriate for the tight eagle shirt.

  16. D-Day! My birthday!

  17. Ancient says:

    Why is hitlers face blurred out?

  18. TVBalkan says:

    Will there be detailed national focuses with minor nations? For example, I would want to play as Yugoslavia. Will the focuses be completely generic or in context of the nation?

  19. This has probably been asked a trillion times already, but why is it that Hitler´s picture is kind of censored?

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