Here We Go – 200,000 Member Transport Workers Union Votes To Support Occupy Wall Street


The Massive Nationwide Transport Workers Union with over 200,000 members in 22 states has voted tonight to support the Occupy Wall Street Protests.

TWU union votes to support occupy wall street

Yesterday, I reported on United Union Pilots marching on Wall Street in full uniform.

United Pilots Protest Wall St. In Uniform
United Union Pilots Protest Wall Street In Uniform
Reports from Twitter say United Pilots joined in the protests against wall street today choosing to march against their corporate overlords in full uniform.

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Now comes news yesterday’s march was no fluke.

This tweet just came across my radar from @NewYorkist

Transport Workers Union Votes To Support Occupy Wall StreetTransport Workers Union Votes To Support Occupy Wall Street

To make sure this was legit, I looked for confirmation online.

Lisa Lockwood over at the Daily Kos reports to have called the union and verified.

Transport Workers Union votes to support #OccupyWallstreet!

From @Newyorkist twit stream:

M5 bus just stopped n. side of protest. Beeped many times. Member of twu 100. Said they coming Fri 4PM. Now what.


TWU mtg tonight. Voted to support #occupywallst. Having all union mtg Fri 11pm @ 1700 Bway, 2nd Fl. All locals can attend. 2128732036 x2036

Followed by

Check @ANIMALNewYork tmrw for video interviews & more info about TWU Local 100 planned solidarity w/#occupywallst


Call ur district office. RT @XtendedForecast: @Newyorkist. I’m labor too. Where is the @aflcio? Their 6.7% is part of the 99%!

I asked @Newyorkist for confirmation, he pm’d this:

I spoke w/Christine Williams. Her card says: TWU Stations Division Recording Secretary, Exec Board Member. 212.873.6000 x2036. She told me


A bit about TWU, from their website:

The TWU has four main divisions: Railroad; Gaming; Airline; Transit; and Utility, University and Service. The Union has 114 autonomous locals representing over 200,000 members and retirees in 22 states around the country. James C. Little is the current President of the TWU and has been serving in this position for the last three years. Joseph C. Gordon is the Secretary-Treasurer and Harry Lombardo is the Executive Vice President.

This is big. The more Labor support we get, and the more visible that support, the better.

Calling on the AFL/CIO…. hello? Solidarity! Join us! #OccupyWallStreet needs you!

Source: Daily Kos

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