Here’s what World War II veterans say about Brexit


In Britain, which seems to have an insatiable appetite for wartime history, the sacrificed soldiers of World War II were resurrected by the Brexit campaign.


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  1. Steve10578 says:

    and some World War Veterans are for Brexit. Just like some YOUNG people are for BREXIT too.

  2. Damn,that girl was PALE :)

  3. So the sacrifices of WWII soldiers — the silent dead — are used to defend the EU, but then those same people who want to destroy national sovereignty for globalism, are importing undocumented refugees and migrant workers, and requiring that all productive nations in the EU bailout the unproductive and corrupt ones?

    It's a true display of the left's character when they use the dead who cannot speak for themselves, who fought for their NATION, not for immigrants or some bureaucratic oligarchy — as a weapon to discourage Brexit.

    Whether you agree or disagree with what the British people have voted for, at least the people who wanted out of the EU aren't complete and utter scumbags who will twist any words into excuses for promoting their questionable and suspicious agendas. How could anyone NOT distrust the EU and EU supporters after propaganda like this?

  4. Dean Tennant says:

    good piece. was concerned of bias

  5. Voted Leave says:

    The UK is not leaving Europe. We are leaving the European (anti-democratic, failing) Union.

  6. Respect from brazil. Great job UK.
    finally one new vice video that doesn't suck balls.

  7. BlueonGoldZ says:

    Britain was able to build the largest empire in the world fighting many of the countries that are in the EU so I'm pretty sure the UK will be fine if it isn't in some pseudo-democratic monstrosity.

  8. VladiSSius says:

    I support BREXIT! Cuz I wanna watch people fight :))

  9. Lucky One says:

    Fuck Brussells , Fuck the Remain and Fuck the EU!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Pictures of Pilsudski :D

  11. Chopin Blues says:

    so WORLD WAR 3 is inevitable, it's going to happen in our lifetime. how tragic.

  12. Hey! How about quoting some war veterans from New Zealand whose economy was stuffed when Britain joined the EU common market in 1973 and has been stuffed up again when Britain chose to leave it in 2016?

  13. jonharson says:

    According to the Marxist millennials, those people shouldn't be allowed to vote.

  14. If Vice can stay impartial like this, they can easily be one of the greatest online media unlike Buzzfeed, Vox leftist jokesters!

  15. Dave Booth says:

    Could not of put it better than that true Brit Bryan Neely did, Bollocks absolute Bollocks what a legend! WTF another stupid brain dead clueless Yank, wtf has our Bretix got to do with you anyway. Always poking their noses in other countries business they will never change.

  16. valar says:

    "Forty years is nothing." Someone who has lived for well over twice that length of time would know, and the rest of us should take that to heart.

  17. wow really makes you think

  18. Nostradamus says:

    does vice still totally suck since shane left??? I totally ditched this channel when he did

  19. Goodbye England you will not be missed!

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