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Hillary & Monthly bill Clinton and Barack Obama Speaking about UFOs and Aliens with Jimmy Kimmel.

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30 Responses

  1. Aliens are fake, demons/Jinns/fallen angels are real. There have been a testimonial accounts of aliens vanishing during an 'abduction' after calling out to Jesus Christ.

  2. m says:

    Bill just repeated what Regan said

  3. Dan Bee says:

    If we are smart enough to save our human race from an anthropological extinction, then maybe an alien life form would possibly GIVE A DAMN. Logical?

  4. safnhuo says:

    I usually avoid this topic, because it's hard to have a serious discussion since the subject has been stigmatized by tin foil conspiracy BS. I like how genuinely curious all of them seemed except for Obama(I'll get to that later) I am not surprised by their child like curiosity, since I remember my NJROTC commander telling us back when I was in highschool that Area 51, The Pentagon, and the CIA are legally permitted to keep classified secrets from the President and the President does not have the power to make them reveal that classified Intel. The reason i'm watching this video is because 2 of my friends suggested it, specifically because they wanted my opinion on Obama's interview since they know i'm into human psychology. They know Obama is just joking around like always but they felt there was something extremely unsettling about how he was responding and I see what they mean, because I've seen people use this method in person and I've even used it myself, but for benevolent purposes.

    There is an old school psychological method of telling the truth in a joking manner to make it seem like a lie, and it is so painfully obvious in this video that I see why my friends were creeped out by it. I mean he flat out states "They" won't allow him to, with the most empty and despairing smile I have ever witnessed, and the crowd just laughs. That was the face of a hopeless and helpless man who has seen shit that would drive a person into madness, and there is nothing he can do or say about it. Almost like he was making a subtle and futile cry for help. That interview sent chills down my spine and filled me with absolute terror and despair.

  5. Franky Hardt says:

    I dont believe anything Hilary says. not only, I dont like her. She is a bad actor!

  6. it goes to show the political illusion. is a just an illusion Who said that's what they are instructed to say. doesn't the president have the final word? no because it's a illusion and puppet show for the shadow elite. the bankers.

  7. PROJECT BLUE BEAM. ( aliens exist. and they have visted. are visting. and living amugnst us.) Clinton said that would make us all unite. enforcing a ONE world government . projecting a alien invasion

  8. That's why Hillary didn't win. Government didn't want her to expose them.

  9. instructed to say by who?

  10. Sascha X says:

    check out Steven Greer and his Disclosure project

  11. Monolith Guy says:

    I knew an Air Force MSGT that worked at Area 51. He always laughed at how he would have to drive off crazies thinking that we kept aliens at the world's most famous base. In actuality, it's where we develop stealth technology, usually just using existing technology from DARPA and the like.

  12. Obama is one smooth operator I'll give him that.

  13. John Smith says:

    If Bill Clinton is so confident, then why is Hillary Clinton so adamant on this topic? This isn't the first time she's brought up disclosure.

  14. What is U.A.P?
    another secret area?

  15. youreale says:

    Obama is such a nice guy.

  16. Please don't give this bitch a chance to find out, no way in hell she's making shit public

  17. Jeezah says:

    The aliens won't let it happen and they have control over us Barrack Obama just exposed the whole system of the US Government aliens control the system

  18. of course there ist "nothing"….THEY disturb everthing :-(…….

  19. DisLB says:

    if you realt believe that there are ailiens on earth you should go and fucking kill yourself motherfucking bitch

  20. I think even if we did unite more likely ETI would take us out instantly. But that would of happened already.

  21. If they go low, we go high 😉

  22. K K says:

    Before i die i want to fuck a female alien

  23. Look up Grant Cameron!

  24. I absolutely hate hillary but she gave the most damning hint of all three. We call them UAP's, it seems to me and this is just my opinion but I think they are aware of something but have not made any contact at all, just think about ufo stories, ufo's constantly do things that just aren't physically possible and even more impossible for a living being to be inside a ufo while it does physically impossible maneuvers and even changing shape and size sometimes appearing as just orbs. The reality is they likely are aware of something but it's not actually spacecraft in the way we think UAP's is more than likely exactly all the government knows, something weird is happening in the sky that defies logic and what we know as the laws of physics and possibly extererestrial are not the ones behind it….

  25. I wish there would be a better choice for the election of the new president, somebody better then Hillary or Trump, Obama again would not be that bad.

  26. holy shit Bill Clinton just revealed the plot to the watchmen novel

  27. How can you be the president yet not inform your people on what's really going on?

  28. Albion Cala says:

    that's what we're instructed to say
    he just said be aweare

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