Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal


Just a few (25) of the scandals, lies, and criminal activity of Hillary Clinton. Join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/nohillaryin2016.


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  1. and the Clinton foundation don't even get me started on that topic….hummmm she was broke when she left the White House lol only 160,00,00 I'd like be that broke. She a liar, thief and just a deplorable person! Proud to be a deplorable ms Clinton

  2. finally someone who knows! my brother said that there was a video of this wire next to hillary which was ment to help her in the debate and my dad said that Hillary paid someone to change the poles

  3. Hillary and Bill should both be in prison for all the corrupt crap they have pulled in this country , they think they are above the law

  4. Kevyn says:

    I'm saving this video before the corrupt clinton campaign tries to have this removed.

  5. i remember all this , i thought we got rid of her sorry ass in the 90's ,

  6. TheAsssssMan says:

    Funny how all lefty propaganda is strictly biased while all we have to do is state facts that completely disqualify her and belittle her to a fibbing scum.

  7. Lee CambsUK says:

    I feel sorry for America's choices but elect this woman into the whitehouse at your peril, a clinton-obama partnership when obama makes it to the UN will see Americans stripped of their rights and an America that is unrecognisable by the time they get finished with it.

  8. USA needs smarter business leadership. If America was a corporation, you would expect better returns on our investment.
    Freedom, Democracy, Liberty – these are Americas greatest treasures. Defend it against all threats. God Bless USA !

  9. Horse Power says:

    what I learned in boating school today is:

    – Break any law you want
    – Feign Ignorance
    – Receive zero consequences for your actions

  10. Why doesn't anyone ever talk about Haiti and the way she kept all the money people donated for them?

  11. Dan D says:

    This was interesting. Doesn't change my vote. People can say how bad of choice Clinton is, but show me someone who will do better. There is not anyone more qualified for this than Hilary in this presidential race. Trump? Really? That's funny. He should run for mayor first. You know get his feet wet before saying I want to be president.

  12. John Curran says:

    You forgot about Haiti …

  13. David G says:

    How did this DEMON get this far without being assassinated? White people have become SPINELESS PUSSY's.

  14. Adam Tesch says:

    15:45 is not her, it's her double

  15. Sam Cobb says:

    Clinton for PRISON . Trump for President

  16. Baloopadoops says:

    She is already your president

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