Hillary Clinton Exposed, Banned Documentary


If you vote for this criminal bitch you need your head checked !! She is a criminal !!


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  1. Hillary Clinton is an evil. vicious, murdering bitch. This is a good, informative video, and I intend to share it with anyone and everyone I can.

  2. TuckerLT says:

    so many sick, useless oxygen users here, how many of you are nazi or commies?I think 90%, time to report for ban.

  3. War on terrorism is a hoax, 9/11 is a false flag attack and Hillaries Clintons are mind controlled satanic slave clones.

  4. hillary sucks !!! how a epileptic can rule the world??? Yes we scan!!!!

  5. Cathy Watson says:

    cant wait for trump to put her in prison for murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It would be a sad day for America if this wicked witch got elected. She is a lawless, thuggish, corrupt, untrustworthy, unethical, immoral, and lack of integrity to carry out her official duties. Beware she is going to take away our civil liberty and freedom and turn our country into a one party rule where opposition party would be persecuted! Trump 2016!

  7. DodgyD101 says:

    Satanic Witch . . . Willingly deceived soul. Enjoy Eternity in Hell you CUNT

  8. Jerry Little says:

    where this video goes wrong is where "they" start saying that hillary (I think think hillary is a corrupt criminal beyond redemption) wants more government, the problem is not socialism, big gov., etc…the problem is corruption…do you understand??? CORRUPTION it includes both parties!! they are the same!!!. It is so rampant and pervasive, there actually is no democracy now let alone socialism…capitalism without complete oversight against conflict of interest and corruption is just the "WILD WEST" where 1 or maybe 10 percent start with guns and the rest throw rocks…plain and simple.

  9. Mr 117 says:

    Trump, H Clinton are both versions of the same beast. Part of the ZOG puppet regimes both have the same agenda just pitching to the different wings of the same bird.

  10. Paul Baker says:

    CORRUPT POLITICAL SYSTEM …and they are just the puppets of Lucifer system…………

  11. WordsBloom says:

    Americans cannot allow the election to be rigged; cannot allow Hillary to become President. She will completely destroy America.

  12. Arkancide is the favored method of getting rid political enemies in the state of Arkansas. When the medical examiners explain away two bodies filled with bullets as a case of suicide.
    If this witch is elected she WILL bring this crap back to Washington DC.

  13. bleh says:

    fuck hat jew nazi whore … $1 dead…$0.1 alive

  14. yolk score says:


  15. Pixton Nox says:

    Clinton and trump both attent cloning centres for benefits.

  16. If she become next president of USA that will be disaster for America and all world

  17. Mrekell and clinton need to fuck right off leave the governing to the men

  18. Hildy K. says:

    Tony Blankley said it best. This woman and her opportunistic cohorts project onto anyone else what she and the rest of her witch consortium do in the first place. I am really stunned at the ease with which these political, governmental beings lie through their teeth on a daily basis. What do they do to rid themselves of a conscience? No, I don't want to know.

  19. Tommy Boye says:

    where's the proverbial "crazed lone gunman" when you need one?

  20. people are truly out of their minds try to find "peace of mind" please before it's too late

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