Hillary Clinton Exposed By Anonymous (Banned Documentary)


In this edition of End of world documentaries, we are going to take you through a journey where you can learn all about the Hillary Clinton i.e., Watch Hillary …


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  1. Khris Trid says:

    with all the evidence on her and so maNY still think she would make a good president. go figure it seems it dosent seem to matter to anyone because they will still vote her in just as they did obama bush and the other bush so no matter what's known about her it won't matter she will still make it I just know Donald trump isn't going to make it. not that he would be much better then hillary

  2. Khris Trid says:

    the american people arent going to do anything but vote this lying cheating no good woman in the white house there are to many stupid people out there who aren't going to listen to the truth they don't know what truth is they're to use to tge lies they expect it now

  3. Khris Trid says:

    this whole story isn't even new news I've seen it about a year or two ago the people didn't listen then they won't listen now sadly

  4. sadly, there are a lot ignorant people that are voting for Hillary, I was one of them, I'm glad I saw the truth before elections come here

  5. she's drunk on power and think's she's above the law…do as I say not, as I do…she is an EVIL WITCH!!

  6. every canadite should be given a psychology exam to see if there not, only empathetic but, sane..these people…if they are people..are true PHSYCOPATHS

  7. John Yallah says:

    obama will be last president. sorry people to hurt your feelings. after this will be one world order under anti christ. Obama,will not finish his 2n term. says it in Bible prophesys.

  8. Stonkish says:

    I really can't believe that people are voting for Hillary. You don't need to watch this documentary to see that there is something evil about her.

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