History Channel – Bunker: World’s Largest and Most Secret – History Documentary Films 2016


History Channel – Bunker: World’s Largest and Most Secret – History Documentary Films 2016
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Bunker: World’s Largest and Most Secret – History Documentary Films
Bunkers are primarily underground, compared to blockhouses which are mostly above ground. Bunkers can additionally be used as security from twisters.

Common commercial bunkers include extracting websites, food storage space locations, disposes for materials, data storage space, and in some cases living quarters. Bunkers disperse the blast wave from close-by explosions to avoid ear and inner injuries to individuals sheltering in the bunker. Nuclear bunkers should also cope with the underpressure that lasts for many seconds after the shock wave passes, and block radiations.

A bunker’s door should be at the very least as strong as the walls. In bunkers inhabited for extended periods, huge amounts of ventilation or cooling must be supplied. Bunkers can be destroyed with powerful explosives and bunker-busting warheads.

History Channel – Bunker: World’s Largest and Most Secret – History Documentary Films 2016


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  1. air force one looks like a big smiley dolphin.

  2. What a fuck off waste of resorces

  3. Paula Davis says:

    This where a lot of political leaders were kept during 911( newer equipped ones)… Which was "act of passive "political sacrifice"… Sad but true…

  4. I want one for my birthday!

  5. Max says:

    So ALL MEMBERS OF THE CONGRESS AND THE FUCKING PRESIDENT who is the ones who create wars and messed up the entire world, when serious wars comes in a WWIII nuclear termination, they are the first one to hide under the ground (and their family) like a motherfucking coward while the stupid dumb fucking soldiers killed them self…? interesting. I mean this guys are smart-asses

  6. Mark Brown says:

    Who paid for these assholes to be safe???

  7. This is what they tell us about. Imagine 50 years of advance… because army use it before…

  8. The same people who will be protected will be the ones who caused the Nuclear attack in the first place. Why do they need protection while the citizens skin fall off them with no place to run to. We the sheeple.

  9. Just when we thought congress couldn't be any more self-interested.

  10. JEFF PAIN says:

    theyll still die like US.hhaaahaha ahahhhahaahah.they spend all our money on them self….not 1 penny TO HELP US.GREEDY &^%%#%%^%#S.

  11. If this really exist then why united state official let the september 11 happend

  12. Ryan Saylor says:

    Only humanity's greatest would be left………. congress

  13. Antrigen says:

    The "Most Secret Bunker" is one that is still unknown.

  14. Steve Anon says:

    43:45: "the bunker mentality is as old as nearly any thought process"

    It's English, Cap'n, but not as we know it…

  15. Marco Peters says:

    freshman transmission limb civilization high work opposition vision.

  16. It demonstrates how antiquated the nukes are

  17. Americans always bragging about their weapons I thought this was supposed to be about bunkers not about weapons. Wankers.

  18. Pan tera says:

    largest, yes.
    most secret, doubtful.

  19. if this is true I'm sure Obama has allready leaked this info to the Muslim Brotherhood.

  20. robert hicks says:

    A point he made was that the bombs are accurate. That means your success in taking it out is based on your knowledge of it. With increasing digging technology, I could see someone digging down and then having a tunnel dug with special equipment that would give it the ability to move miles in changing direction, so few if anyone actually knew where it was. With movable walls hiding tunnels, it would be possible to totally confuse anyone trying to get though to find the end.

  21. Mike Croxson says:

    live in a cave tempature stays constant

  22. If you want, you can buy your very own silo bunker in the U.S. Most that were decommissioned, were partially caved in, after they were stripped. But, you can buy them from the government to do what you want with them. I've watched a couple documentaries about them. One of them is in my region. And at least a dozen more have been unarmed in the last 15 years alone. I've wanted to buy one since I was a kid. Bunkers have always fascinated me though.

  23. i been a few bunkers and every bunker i have been has the same little door in it , one bunker i was in was under a lake. another bunker had a small staircase as an escape door. i seen so many bunkers. but i want one so bad. the lsd bunker was strange.

  24. 2016? More like 2001… season 7 ep 32 of Modern Marvels

  25. I bet they have more of these things and bigger. If the world goes to hell due to their incompetence and greed, everyone on the ground dies but they survive. Scary stuff.

  26. Lab Rat says:

    The Greenbrier bunker hasn't been 'deactivated', it has been mothballed for urgent use whenever such need arises.

  27. so..use?nuclears?
    once do it?ww3?
    just attack i du know terrors?
    so hold it all ready full
    why i somelike cant not do it?

  28. Yuurekk says:

    Those are not really that secret if history channel does a documentary on them.

  29. Right lead buyer reduce confuse designer purpose circumstance finish smooth.

  30. Monster says:

    Holy shit the guy at 9:15 is on crack, close your eyes buddy.

  31. It's nice to know that if the crooks running our government fuck up enough to get us nuked, at least THEY will be protected.
    This is political corruption 101, right here.

  32. I got 18 inches and they could stay here,naked

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