History Channel – secret societies – part 3



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  1. Chonkata1 says:

    Man how can there be a secret society about which everyone know??? Isnt it just a society then?

  2. kylunflac says:

    this is nothing new. just look at history. we haven't evolved that much from days of the ruling elite (still governed by the elite few). its no big surprise.

  3. Dave Slater says:

    Statistically stupid.

    Yale University produces many of the top people in the USA.

    Do the 'skull and bones' minority do any more than that?


  4. pollakerika says:

    Complete rubbish. Especially the part about Skulls and Bones. Have you forgotten where these kids come from in the first place? These are the same families who were involved in these occupations for centuries. This is nothing much but an oligarchy perpetuating itself. So before the uni they were in the same country clubs and they go on in life nurturing the connections they have for their own good and that of their families. Nothing conspiratorial about it. Use your common sense people.

  5. Michie Oo says:

    Frig, scull and bones are on Jansport bags too! Damn we dont even know whats going on in the friggin world. thats is one of the reasons why they are so friggin rich cuz ppl love those bags lol especially teens

  6. Catoriesih says:

    So secret societies are necrophilias?

  7. cant trust any source anymore…history channel might just be misleading the people on their quest for truth!

  8. skeaneable says:

    wonder if Chuck Norris is a member of the skull& bones society!

  9. @skeaneable no the skull and bones is a part of chuck norris society 🙂

  10. Arukādo says:


    I remember watching something about a prodigy where she said that she had a vision from God but she does not know what it meant. She painted what she saw and it turned out to be the Ancient Egypt Pyramids with waters (it must have been how the Ancient Egypt was before with the nile river?). The Ancient Egypt was a very beautiful place back then and I believe that it had connections with Atlantis.

  11. alluminati controls the media so i dnt trust this

  12. Daniel Kim says:

    You're pretty ignorant.

  13. SALTY BANANA says:

    Why the fuck are all these powerfull men doing with this okult shitt!? This is insane!!

  14. Aztech355 says:

    Chuck Norris is against nwo, just watch alex jones.

  15. if my boyfriend brought me into his clubhouse and it was like that…id dump him and run..very fast and pray to jesus O_O

  16. reno94587 says:

    I completely believe in the Illuminati, NWO, etc. However, everyone knows that George Bush Jr. was or is still an alcoholic. If Skull & Bones is a dry society, how is he still a member or not punished somehow over it?

  17. David Icke believes in lizard people. That's not a joke

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