history of japan


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  1. aroneTopper says:

    well . . . you're not wrong . . .

  2. Raquel M says:

    this was so informative and funny please make more!!

  3. Hetalia anyone? XD

  4. "Knock knock, it's Europe."

  5. Mc Spyro says:

    pretty much right, pretty much totally wrong

  6. Gl∆sser says:

    Dude this is absolutely fucking insane. Why aren't your videos in every class room in the world?


  7. Lorvald says:

    Vaporwave of documentaries.

  8. I know this probably took a super long time. But holy shit more of these would be so dope. Thanks so much. Really appreciate you making this it was great!! :)

  9. Steven Moore says:

    Man, it shot past so quick – but the amount of research and work you put in must've been humungous.


  10. farcru123 says:

    Continue with other contries! USA or Mexico could be interesting

  11. Daan Janssen says:

    I nominate this for the video of the year, I watched it like 10 times already

  12. Chillblade says:

    Please make more of this!

  13. calpiss69 says:

    almost true but ancient japanese came from around lake baikal through hokaido the top of north island in japan a few ten thousand years ago .

  14. dude more more MORE

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