HoI IV – World War Wednesday – Co-Op France – Episode 12


Carl is busy working on a patch, but Jake and Daniel are in the Studio to make sure co-op France stays on track. Buy Hearts of Iron IV: http://pdxint.at/1TVsZgM …


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  1. Martin Zyka says:

    Daniel and DDR? That's a treat!

  2. Is everybody sick because the CK2 dev team is doing research for their new expansion? :P

  3. Company007 says:

    What't the point even playing this? You already won the game ffs.

  4. MrTohawk says:

    The sound is off. Curse you, Twitch converter!

  5. How does combat with work here?

  6. how about the Cold War? ; – ;
    is it going to be a dlc?

  7. Arbr says:

    conquer venezuela they have some oil.

  8. Lars F says:

    Italy should get a swich sides focus
    requires all of the following
    Italy is member of a faction
    Italy is not leader of a faction
    one of the following is true
    faction is loosing the war at least 30%
    Italy lost 30% of their victory points
    Italy joins the winning faction of the war

  9. Mr. Wolf says:

    I play on speed 5 because my mac is so slow that its the only speed that isnt a slideshow

  10. with so much fighting in africa it should be called the dessert war

  11. Oi, 'ere's a bug for ya. The naval game. All of it.

  12. Does Daniel mean Operation Market Garden when he says Operation Marketplace? Lol.

  13. the "behind every blade of grass there's a gun" hasn't actually been uttered by any Japanese commander. it shows up mostly in political debates on gun control but it has been misattributed.

  14. Angelo Pinto says:

    capture the world then look at all stats

  15. But, its episode 13

  16. I would really want to see Daniel kicking ass as the netherlands, I have tried it and it was quite hard, but the again, I am not Daniel and I suck at micromanaging

  17. conmadben says:

    The only thing i dont like in this game the naval parts. It is horrible. Hard to do and why can't i unclick a patrol area?

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