HoI IV – World War Wednesday – Co-Op France – Episode 2


Daniel and Jake are joined by Carl in the quest to take on the world as France. Together as a team. Pre-order Hearts of Iron IV: http://pdxint.at/1ThVZA0 This is …


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  1. Uncle Timo says:

    Remember HOI2 and HOI3? It took some time for you to decide what tech to research… Here in the improved HOI4, tech it is no longer a problem – it takes 2 seconds to set your pre war research.

  2. Why does every country have its leaders face but hitler is blacked out?

  3. Tiger Geri01 says:

    maybe we can get hungarian dlc after the polish? because hungary got original tanks like Toldi,s Turán,s and Tas 44M, Zrínyi assault gun and more like this and the politisc is very intresting =)

  4. Can you get Fasist France?

  5. btw that guy is not maurice thorez.

  6. MysterioMax says:

    maybe not in this video but why is hitler blacked out?

  7. I just love Pradox. You are so wouderfully akward. The Swedish way 🙂 I don't even play HoI., but I love to watch you. Eu 1-4 12000 h, CK2 9000 h, Stellaris 150 h. I might have to buy HoI4 :)

  8. Paradox Have you thought about making a DLC of 1WW or set apart?

  9. Agustin Toni says:

    can there be 2 capitals?

  10. Jay Jay says:

    So no ui scaling for higher resolutions in this game? Thats pretty poor, it's 2016 and Win 10 has it, Eve online has it.

    I pre ordered anyway, just hoping GUI can be increased.

  11. Koresh 017 says:

    Looking forward to playing as Israel after releasing it from UK
    I hope you can still do it in HOI4

  12. That rivers are soo large… wtf

  13. from the first second i know that this would be a great game and with a great and funny company :)

  14. He will be the best for now at least…….

  15. Zac Hepner says:

    i waited a fucking week for 38 minutes? lol really?

  16. I love coop, so I am really interested now – despite having failed to climb the learning curve in HoI 3.

    But, German version "reduced" content. I understand why Paradox has to do it, but it really sucks. I want my historical game historical. :(

  17. ¡Vive la République du Travailleur Fourh!

  18. I have never seen any of them not to pick concentrated industry. Is there a balance problem?

  19. 02091992able says:

    I would like to see a facist America in the game because that was pretty likely during the years before and during ww2 people like Charles Lindbergh where strongly against war with Germany what if he got enough support that America didn't join in the fight against Hitler instead joined Hitler in a fight against England and the Soviet comintern countries.

  20. Roméo says:

    La France un grand pays pour un grand peuple.

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