HoI IV – World War Wednesday – Co-Op France – Episode 4


Daniel and Jake are joined by Carl in the quest to take on the world as France. Together as a team. Pre-order Hearts of Iron IV: http://pdxint.at/1ThVZA0 This is …


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  1. Ivan Savic says:

    You could create a little Entente, and call Romania and Yugoslavia as a national focus

  2. MrHide59 says:

    Dat hat hahaha

  3. tok dok says:

    Cant wait for the game, would be possible to have war between England and France, while Germany stay neutral?

  4. ordc Chanale says:

    I want to know that most of country can change government to like German right to German republic or communist ? Can all country do that

  5. David Novák says:

    Czechoslovakia betrayed once again.. :(

  6. Daan Geboers says:

    i love hoi4 wednesdays !!

  7. ScorpiaBoost says:

    DON'T even think about invading Switz… Oh… You dit it…

    Greetings from Switzerland ;)

  8. Mi canal says:

    What if there are bad weather conditions on D-day and Johan Eisenhower delays the world release operation?

  9. I love what you have done with this game. Can't wait for that release ! :D

  10. alexis221092 says:

    HOI 4 looks great, however, i regret the disparition of scientists and theoricians for researching technologies and doctrines (like Hoppenheimer, Van Braun, Marie Curie, IG Farben for exemple etc…)

  11. Company007 says:

    I think the air regions are wayyyyy too big. 2 zones for ALL of France? I hope someone will be able to make a mod for that.

  12. bobobob bob says:

    why is HOL 3 so hard yet HOL 4 look so easy

  13. ƎʍiLo says:

    I'm so excited 9 days left!!!

  14. nik Bahtin says:

    Swedish betrayal!!!

  15. Barack Osama says:

    Dont invade Swissterzeland, their lands dont have forts, what means that you maybe can't hold that lands from Germany

  16. conmadben says:

    Daniel! Don't touch Jermany! :P

  17. Spartan ball says:


  18. zarinth says:

    You invade now!

  19. 1001Falcon says:

    Could we get one or two videos of the United States before launch? I am loving these videos so far!

  20. sparrow2202 says:

    What the hell is Frenc commune ?

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